How Your Website Helps You Book Campus Tours | FIFF Episode 1

How to Use Your Website to Book Campus Tours

“If they visit us on campus, I’m sure they’ll love it here and want to move in.” You’ve most likely heard this statement made before in the sales and marketing offices of the community. We all struggle with how to convey the same warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you enter the community – with the online experience?

Getting the prospective resident on campus for a tour is half the battle. How do you do it in today’s competitive environment full of savvy and information soaked consumers?

Episode 1 of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces | The Role of Your Website in Booking Campus Tours

Please watch episode 1 of FIFF as our resident Occupancy Marketing expert Phil Smith reviews the role of your communities website in booking campus tours.

Phil discusses the following:

• The advantages of a mobile responsive website
• The critical nature of Location Pages and Local Modifiers
• How to avoid “code bloat”
• Technical SEO and page load speed Best Practices
• The careful balance of user-experience, design and SEO

Have you mastered these items? If you have any questions please let us know.

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