2019 SEM Trends and Outlook for Senior Living Providers | Zero Click Search

Your senior living community’s biggest competition for clicks on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) this year could be Google itself.

Is your senior living community prepared for zero click search and On-SERP SEO?

Below is context for your community to remain competitive and/or dominant in SEO. Continue reading to learn:

  • The definition of zero click search and why your community should care
  • Two tactics your senior living marketing team can implement to prepare for 2019 SEM trends and the future of search

What is ‘Zero Click Search’? Why Should my Senior Living Community Care?

What is zero click search?:

A zero click search can be defined as any search result that a user receives that answers the question or query of a user without them having to click through to an actual website.

In fact, Google’s quick answers results have officially been dubbed ‘position zero’.

Why your senior living community should care:

It wasn’t until the fall of 2017 that SEO experts began noticing fewer organic clicks were available on Google SERPs. As a refresher, an organic result on a SERP is one that businesses don’t have to pay for. Organic search results are the byproduct of optimized websites that Google’s algorithm deems authoritative and helpful to users searching on the platform.

For the first time EVER, Google began referring less outbound traffic. Instead, Google is keeping users within its search ecosystem. This development is great for Google, but problematic for senior living marketing teams.


Fewer clicks to your website creates fewer opportunities to convert site visitors into move-in ready residents.

2019 SEM Trends – The Rise of On-SERP SEO – Two Tactics to Take

Tactic #1: Optimize for Google Quick Answers – Has your senior living marketing team written an authoritative answer to a question? This effort could culminate in a Quick Answers result for your website. Your website may still not earn a click, but it will gain marquee exposure on Google’s SERP which will give your community an edge over your competition.

Tactic #2: Create more top-of-funnel ToFu content – During the information-gathering stage of the resident move-in journey, individuals will search for educational, helpful content. If your senior living marketing team makes helpful content that answers questions its priority, your audience will gradually become more familiar with your brand name. Succinct content that answers pertinent questions also increases the chances of your content being featured in a Google Quick Answers box.

If users begin searching for your community’s brand name specifically, they are essentially bypassing any other senior living community for yours. These branded searches yield a higher percentage of conversions. So, even if users aren’t directly clicking through to your website, they are still searching for your community’s brand on Google, and likely using your business information on Google’s SERP to convert by reaching out to your staff.

What Else can be Done About On-SERP SEO? Download Our Predictions on Zero Click Search and Contact Us

The only constant in SEO is change. On-SERP SEO is but one of the 2019 SEM trends to be on the lookout for. Linkmedia 360’s Chief Operating Officer, Kurt Krejny shared his prediction regarding zero click search within LSA’s ’70 Marketing Predictions for 2019’. You can download the free report by clicking here.

Of course, if your community has additional questions after reading this post, contact our team. We’ve helped our provider partners stay competitive in an ever-changing SEO landscape.

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