All Roads Lead to Hyperlocal Marketing: Content Ideas for Self-Storage Facilities in Urban Markets

As you sit in your office overlooking the hustle & bustle of the city you reside in, you see a menagerie of people from different walks of life. Some are glued to their phones as they blend into a crowd moving like a school of fish traversing busy crosswalks.

Others are so colorful you may wonder how the heck they landed in the city you call home. In any case, you may find yourself contemplating how many of them might be a perfect renter if only they heard of your self-storage facility. Perhaps they’re looking at storage options as you’re reading this post.

With well over 75% of your customers living or working within a 2-mile radius of your self-storage facility, an enormous opportunity looms taller than a skyscraper’s shadow. So, the question then becomes: how can I obtain the interest from more of these city citizens to meet my business goals?

Hyperlocal marketing content that addresses the specific concerns of the renters you’re vying to obtain business from. In this post, we’re taking content to the city streets to help your self-storage marketing team create compelling content for your local, busy city renter. You’ll learn:

  • A definition of hyperlocal marketing
  • Why hyperlocal marketing matters to your self-storage facility
  • 3 hyperlocal content ideas for self-storage marketing teams in urban/metro markets

So, What is Hyperlocal Marketing? Local Content Gone Rambunctious?

First, we’ll define content marketing for your self-storage marketing team in case the definition has slipped your mind. Then, your team will be able to apply that to your hyperlocal marketing strategy.

Content marketing can be defined as – Any piece of collateral your self-storage brand creates consistently over time – whether that’s a blog post, How-to guide, infographic, etc. – that earns your customers attention to achieve a deep level of engagement with your storage organization.

Content marketing is a powerful way to build trust with your prospective customers. Once your desired audience finds your customized content, they must consume it on a regular basis and act on it by choosing your facility when the time comes during the point of purchase/rental.

Your self-storage marketing team should apply these tenets to your hyperlocal marketing approach to customized content. That means, the hyperlocal content your team creates can be just about anything that your immediate audience will find valuable to ultimately drive a deeper level of trust with your self-storage facility. Creating hyperlocal content isn’t just beneficial to your city-dwelling customers. When strategically and consistently published, hyperlocal marketing content provides direct, tangible benefits for your self-storage business.

Big Benefits to Consistent Hyperlocal Content Creation for Storage Facilities in Metro Markets

Hyperlocal marketing content addresses and answers the questions your prospective customers have, and will help you meet your occupancy goals several ways:

1.) With the rise of “near me” queries, your self-storage facility has an opportunity to appear with hyperlocal content that rings true and authentic to these customers. According to Search Engine Land, between 2014 and 2015, Google noted that “near me” and “nearby” search queries doubled. When imagining the percentage increase by 2018 further establishes the fact that your hyperlocal marketing strategy must appear when these search queries occur.

2.) Hyperlocal content ultimately helps answer the questions customers in your immediate area care about most concerning your storage unit offerings. If google sees an individual using street addresses, landmarks and neighborhoods, it will send a strong signal that hyperlocal information will serve that need. Your self-storage facility should focus on incorporating these local modifiers into its hyperlocal marketing strategy. The more local search terms Google sees related to your facility, the more likely it is to direct visitors to your site’s useful content.

3.) There’s a close correlation to hyperlocal marketing and mobile usage patterns. Those prospective local customers we mentioned in the beginning of this post? Most likely they were on their phones when you were observing from your office. Your hyperlocal content that’s uniquely tailored to address these on-the-go prospective city renters will set the stage for your facility to receive calls, inquiries, and rentals, if backed by a strategic local SEO focus.

Bright Lights, Big Hyperlocal Content Ideas for Your Self-Storage Facility in the City

Now that your self-storage marketing team understands the benefits that can occur from creating valuable, specific hyperlocal content backed by local SEO, it may want to know what some of those topics would look like in the real world. Below are three hyperlocal content ideas to help your self-storage marketing team make the most of its location in the city to attract renters:

  • Consider yourself a collector? A roundup of local clubs and groups meeting in the city (3-5 clubs in your area)
  • Making the band: how much storage space you’d need if you’re storing your bands equipment in X city
  • Planning your move across the city? here’s your local guide to places to visit and stops to make for the best moving experience

These concepts are generic enough to be repurposed no matter the locale, but your team should work to take these hyperlocal content ideas and apply that methodology to the specific differentiators your city has.

Channel the City Life to Your Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy, Self-Storage Practitioners!

We hope this blueprint to hyperlocal marketing helps your self-storage facility create deeper connections with the customers in your immediate area. Of course, if your team has any questions or gets stumped and needs additional hyperlocal content ideas, contact our team. We’ll do our best to highlight the spectacular elements of your city to your prospective renters.

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