All Roads Lead to Local: Hyperlocal Content Ideas for Self-Storage Facilities in Small Towns & Rural Markets

Every town has a claim to fame. Whether it’s in the form of a tourist attraction or yearly festival that invites an influx of traffic turning sleepy streets into vibrant (and crowded) blocks of bustling bystanders.

But, what if you’re reading this, shaking your head because that’s not the case where you live? What if you’re in an area so remote you’d have to drive 30+ miles to find a gas station?

For many self storage facilities in rural and small towns across America may feel like that’s the case. Your storage facility might be the only reasonable option in your immediate area. However, local recognition is paramount to self storage success and profitability, and your team may think that EVERYONE knows about your business and that your work is complete just by having a static location. As we all know in business, attrition is real. Renters switch facilities or leave town and maintaining healthy occupancy levels and profitability requires constant effort.

So, we’ll ask again: Does your self storage facility truly have a local, competitive advantage that caters to an ideal audience to maximize profitability? Even if you answered ‘yes’, continue reading.

Over 75% of your customers live or work within a 2-mile radius of your facility. This might be an exception in your area. However, simply put, if your storage facility doesn’t win over these local renters, there’s little chance you’ll meet your business goals. It’s time to get hyperlocal with your marketing. We’ll explain.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • A definition of hyperlocal marketing
  • Why hyperlocal marketing matters to your self-storage facility
  • 4 hyperlocal content ideas for self-storage marketing teams in smaller cities/rural markets

So, What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

First, we’ll define content marketing. Then, your team will be able to apply our definition to your hyperlocal marketing strategy where your facility is located.

Content marketing can be defined as – Any piece of content your storage facility creates consistently over time – whether that’s a blog post, How-to guide, infographic, etc. – that earns your customers attention, loyalty, and engagement with your storage facility.

Once your audience discovers your content, they must consume it on a regular basis. After that, your content must (in some form) lead your audience through the buyer’s funnel to encourage a desired action. This takes tangible form when a customer chooses your facility during the point of purchase/rental.

Your self-storage marketing team should apply these tenets to your hyperlocal marketing approach to content. Simply put, it means creating quality hyperlocal content consistently that your customers will find valuable. That narrows down the options, right? Once your team overcomes the initial creative dread, they will appreciate the possibilities this opportunity creates.

Ultimately, your self storage marketing team will need to focus on topics relevant to your immediate audience. When implemented effectively, hyperlocal marketing will create a deeper level of trust between your customers and your self-storage facility. Hyperlocal marketing content produces direct, tangible benefits for your self-storage business, and helps solve occupancy disparities.

Benefits to Consistent Hyperlocal Content Creation for Storage Facilities in Smaller Cities & Rural Markets

1.) With the rise of “near me” queries, your self-storage facility has an opportunity to appear with hyperlocal content that rings true and authentic to these customers. According to Search Engine Land, between 2014 and 2015, Google noted that “near me” and “nearby” search queries doubled. This statistic will continue to climb, so if your facility isn’t present when these localized searches take place, it will miss out on rentals and revenue.

2.) Hyperlocal content ultimately helps answer the questions customers in your immediate area care about most concerning your storage unit offerings. If google sees an individual using street addresses, landmarks and neighborhoods, it sends a strong signal that hyperlocal information will serve that prospective customer’s need. Your self-storage facility should focus on incorporating these local modifiers into its hyperlocal marketing strategy. The more local search terms Google sees related to your facility, the more likely it is to direct visitors to your site and useful hyperlocal content.

3.) There’s a close correlation to hyperlocal marketing and mobile usage patterns. Your hyperlocal content that’s uniquely tailored to address these on-the-go prospective renters will set the stage for your facility to receive calls, inquiries, and rentals, if backed by a strategic local SEO focus.

What Does This Look Like in Real Life? 4 Hyperlocal Content Ideas for Storage Facilities in Small Cities & Rural Markets

Now that your self-storage marketing team understands the benefits that can occur from creating valuable, specific hyperlocal content backed by local SEO, it may want to know what some of those topics would look like in the real world. Below are four hyperlocal content ideas to help your self-storage marketing team make the most of its location in a smaller city, suburb, or rural market to attract renters:

  • Best Brew Near You? Top 5 Coffee Shops to make your storage trip productive
  • Dust off your bike from your storage unit! 3 amazing trails near you
  • Your Guide to Fall Festivals/Local festival roundup
  • Ladders after Labor Day? Local hardware stores near our storage facility making repairs easier

The concepts we provided are generic enough to be repurposed in your smaller city or rural area. Let these hyperlocal content ideas inspire your self storage marketing team to publish unique pieces of content that harness the culture of your local area. Every place has a differentiator. Sometimes your team will need to dig deep to find a scintillating concept to create a hyperlocal content post around. In that case, a 40-55 minute brainstorming session can accomplish wonders.

Small Town & Country. Hyperlocal Marketing Is the Way to Reach and Engage With Both Customers!

We aren’t necessarily saying hyperlocal marketing is easy to master. Like learning to ride a bike or master a hobby, hyperlocal content requires effort, creativity, and a strong sense of the local community. As we illustrated above, when these elements are working in harmony, your self storage facility will be rewarded with customers who will most likely refer your facility to their network of friends and family.

If your self storage marketing team or management need help getting started beyond the prompts provided above, contact our team. We have experience brainstorming hyperlocal content ideas as if we lived down the block. Most likely we don’t but that’s the power of hyperlocal marketing!

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