I Just Placed a Search Engine Marketing Campaign. Now What?


Search Engine Marketing
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I Just Placed a Search Engine Marketing Campaign. Now What?

Webinar Date: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time: 10amPDT/11amMDT/12pmCDT/1pmEDT

You have picked your keywords, targeted your geography and markets, created ad copy and placed your Search Engine Marketing campaign either through Google AdWords or via an agency. Now what do you do? What are the results that you need to look at after your campaign is up and running? What are your reports showing you? Mike Ostrom will share tips on what should be optimized in order to have the most successful, lead focused Search Engine Marketing campaign. Join Linkmedia 360 for this very informative presentation!

 Some questions that will be discussed during this informative webinar:

  •  How can you prove the value of a SEM campaign?
  •   How can you tell if your SEM campaign is successful?
  •   Is there a way to determine ROI for SEM campaigns?
  • What are the factors that could be hampering the success of my SEM campaign?

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