I’ll Take A Venti Half-Caf Latte and Throw in a Free Mobile App, Please

As a Starbucks lover and Rewards Card holder, I got an email very recently informing me about two free mobile app downloads.  I have a Blackberry, but this deal is great for all you iPhone™/iPod Touch™ owners.  Check this out, in case you hadn’t heard……Starbucks is reaching out to its customers as they recognize the benefits of connecting with them through mobile communication via SMS texting, coupons, or downloadable apps, etc.  The Starbucks Card Mobile will allow you to check your Rewards Card balance, register your Card and reload it as well.  For a limited time, you’ll even earn $5 bonus with a $25 reload! Not bad!

It gets even better with the features of the myStarbucks app.  Starbucks jumps on board with search, email and SMS to help you search stores, customize your drinks, browse the Starbucks menu and learn additional information about Starbucks coffees.   You can even share information with friends about your drink(s) by sending an email or SMS directly to their iPhone ™ or iPod touch ™.

To all you fellow Blackberry owners out there, I’m hopeful there are apps coming out for us.  What do you think?  Do you plan to use these apps?


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