How Lead Scoring Helps Senior Living Communities Identify Interested Prospects

Don’t you wish you could focus the bulk of your outreach on “move-in ready” residents to shorten the sales cycle?

Email marketing automation and CRMs can help teams nurture leads at scale with consistent touch points across the resident journey. Despite the efficiency automation creates, personalized outreach is still a necessary part of building rapport and ultimately, assuring prospective residents that your community is the right choice for them.

Unfortunately, senior living sales teams have finite time to provide personalized attention, even with EMA and CRMs in place. Enter lead scoring. Lead scoring bridges the gap between automated lead nurturing and prioritized, personalized outreach.

But how? This post dives into the relative value and nature of lead scoring for senior living marketing and sales teams unaware of the methodology. Continue reading to learn:

  • The definition of lead scoring
  • Two different (but realistic) scenarios demonstrating how important lead scoring is to effective and productive follow-up for sales teams

Be the Leader of Online Lead Generation: Lead Scoring Defined

Lead scoring is when your community uses insights and data intelligence from actions taken on your website to identify the leads most likely to close. In layman’s terms, it helps sales teams differentiate the serious, committed lead from the online equivalent of tire kickers. With 60 percent of lead generation stemming from online channels, its imperative sales teams know where to prioritize effort. When successfully implemented, lead scoring helps your community follow up with the right leads at the right time.


Take note of the suffix ‘scoring’. With some help from your senior living marketing team, your online leads will be assigned a score based on their interactions with your website during site sessions. Point values are pre-determined and weighted based on the action taken. Once the lead scoring threshold has been surpassed, that lead is primed for outreach from your sales team.

Two Lead Scoring Scenarios Your Sales Team will Likely Encounter

Scenario #1: The “Take a Penny Leave a Penny” Lead – This lead became aware of your community from social media and clicked through to your site from a social post promoting your blog. During the session, the lead stays on the blog post they initially clicked on, continues through to read another blog post, clicks to your home page, then proceeds to bounce from your site. Your team has tracked similar sessions from this exact lead in Google Analytics for the past several months.

Scenario #2: The “Elevator Pitch” Lead – This lead, like the one before it, also became aware of your community from social media. The lead reads through the piece of content they entered your website on, then proceeds to click on another blog post. From there, the lead visits your ‘living options’ page, then downloads one of your community’s Guides. After downloading the Guide, the lead clicks to your testimonials page, to another blog post, then bounces from your site. Your team didn’t account for any future sessions from that lead in Google Analytics.

So, senior living marketing and sales superstars, which lead do we prioritize our prospecting efforts around, based on the lead scoring model described earlier?

If you answered the “Elevator Pitch” lead, you were correct!

While the number of sessions in the first scenario creates a cumulative effect on the lead score, the urgency of the interactions in the second scenario points to a lead ready for outreach. The lead in the first scenario is certainly interested in your community’s levels of care, but may not be ready to have a salesperson reach out yet. Whereas in the second scenario, the lead visited pages toward the end of the resident journey and downloaded a Guide during the session. The interactions of the second lead carry greater weight based on the pre-determined point values, and therefore qualifies them for prioritized outreach.

Be a Senior Living Marketing and Sales Leader by Implementing Lead Scoring

Your sales team only has so many hours in a day. Lead scoring helps your community make the most of the time it has, by prioritizing quality outreach. The scenarios above should prove helpful to your senior living marketing and sales efforts. If you need additional context, contact our team. We’ve implemented lead scoring for provider partners and would be happy to walk your community through the process.

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