Improve Your Senior Living Content Marketing Strategy – and Increase Occupancy – Through Content Amplification!

If you create it, they will click, read, consume, subscribe, and share. That’s the hope, at least. But with over 3 million blog posts created today alone (and climbing), the challenge of ensuring the ideal resident finds the content your community creates has never been greater. Granted, that statistic speaks to ALL blog posts created, and isn’t specific to senior living.

The bottom line is that simply creating and publishing content doesn’t cut it. The sheer amount of data created online daily is staggering, and competition is stiff, with community’s vying for people’s limited time and attention.

So how does your community stand out? Don’t beat your head against the wall to cure the no-click blues. Increase occupancy through content amplification!

This week, the team delves into improving your community’s content marketing strategy. You’ll learn what content amplification is, why it’s important and how to track the success of your own content amplification efforts to know what’s resonating with your audience.

So, what is Content Amplification, and How Does it Increase Occupancy

Content amplification is an umbrella term to describe the process of promoting the content your community creates to reach a broader audience. In some ways, content amplification is a “pay to play” model, but that doesn’t mean your community has to spend a fortune to be competitive.

In fact, your community can use content amplification to help increase occupancy and ROI at little cost if handled strategically. If you need a refresher on how content marketing can fill beds and meet census goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Content amplification can take many forms depending on the type of content your community creates, the channels your community posts on, and the goals of your content amplification campaign. Use paid, owned, and earned media together to drive the most traffic possible to your community’s content.

1.) Owned – These are channels your community creates internally, and therefore owns. Owned channels could be your community’s blog, social media profiles, and website.

2.) Paid – These are channels your community has paid money to leverage. Paid media includes PPC ads, paid social posts and, in some cases, influencer marketing.

3.) Earned – In this instance, your community has attracted the attention of an industry influencer who is choosing to share your community’s content on their own website, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. Earned media can take a long time to bear fruit, but by sticking to best practices consistently, your community will set itself up for this kind of attention and endorsement.

Content Amplification: KPI’s and Goal Setting

Your community has decided to invest in content amplification to increase occupancy. Great! But setting the right goals based on the intent of the content marketing strategy is equally important. We don’t want your community spending time and resources without a solid understanding of your realistic results and goals.
We’re here to improve your community’s content marketing strategy. With that in mind, we’ve outlined several amplification goals below and the key performance indicators your team will need to monitor to determine the success of your program.

Content Amplification Goals:
1.) Educate – If your community’s goal is to educate the ACI or digitally-savvy senior, consider keeping these KPI’s at the forefront.
• Average time on page
• Pages clicked/viewed per session
• Number of returning visitors
• Your community’s brand mention lift

2.) Drive Qualified Leads – This is, of course, a top-level priority for most communities. If your content is looking to accomplish this goal, consider:
• Conversion Rates
• Cost Per Lead
• Cost Per Acquisition

3.) Boost Social Engagement – We’ve covered how promoted social media posts are great for generating leads. Keep these KPI’s top of mind to make the most out of your amplification campaign.
• Shares
• Comments/Likes
• Mentions
• Click-Throughs
• Form Submissions

4.) Building an audience – For communities looking to build a loyal, captive audience, the following KPI’s listed below will help your team attain that goal:
• Direct traffic
• Email List Growth
• Unique Open Rate
• Unique CTR

5.) Improve Paid Traffic – Many communities engage in PPC campaigns, so keep these KPI’s in mind as your amplifying your content
• Average Position
• Click Through Rate
• Quality Scores
• Average Cost Per Click

Granted, your team could have other goals aside from what we’ve listed above. If so, make sure your KPI’s are hewn close to the goal at hand, and that your goals are realistic. Amplifying your community’s content is a great way to increase occupancy.

As we’ve mentioned above, as far as content marketing strategies go, content amplification can be cost effective and lucrative to your community. If your team is interested in amplifying its content but needs a nudge in the right direction, contact our team. We’ll be happy to walk you through beginning steps and best practices to set your community up for success. Happy amplifying!

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