Increase Occupancy with Local Listings Management

Have you ever spent countless hours relaunching your brand in the local community only to fall short of your resident acquisition goals because your local listings (name, address and phone number) in online directories were not optimized?

73% of consumers lose trust in companies when they find inconsistent or inaccurate information in online directories. And few realize, there are more than 300 online directories and senior living specific directories to actively manage.

While it happens to the best of us, we’re here today to help you with this potentially tedious process. Please watch Episode 6 of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces as we discuss the following topics surrounding Local Listings Management:

  • What are local listings?
  • Two big reasons to care about local listings.
  • How many sources of local listings exist?
  • How to determine your accuracy score?
  • How can your community get listed on all of them?
  • What tools are there to help me get listed?

How to Get Started

We recommend you visit to get your accuracy score first. Make you have at least an 80%. If you do not, please give us a call and we’ll try to help.

Please join us next week as we review organic SEO strategies. For a full episode index, please visit our show page Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces.

About FIFF

Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces is a weekly Facebook LIVE video program brought to you buy Linkmedia 360. The program is focused on resident acquisition strategies for the sales and marketing leaders at Senior Living Communities. This FIFF program is a production of Madison, Michigan and Market.

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