Informational Video Vignettes Are Vital: How to Utilize them for Senior Living

Seniors, and their adult child influencers (ACIs), are spending more time online during Covid-19. Recent Nielsen studies show that home-bound consumers have led to a 60% increase in the amount of video content watched globally.

To lean into this situation, senior living providers have increased investments in marketing technology (MarTech). Among the hundreds of MarTech solutions available, video marketing has seen a meteoric rise in use and utility. What type of content makes for effective informational videos that attract the attention of prospective residents? We’ll provide that insight as we explore informational videos for senior living marketing teams.

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What Are Informational Video Vignettes?

Informational video vignettes are low budget and efficiently produced videos that are created from landing page or blog content. Informational videos combine motion graphics, music and text call outs – and can be embedded on your website and utilized on numerous channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Informational video vignettes are created to be quickly consumed, clocking in between 1.5-2 minutes in length. The intent behind these videos is to provide your prospective resident or ACI with useful and informative content that encourages future interactions with your brand.

Video Marketing Tips to Create Effective Informational Videos

Your senior living marketing team doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to create effective informational videos. Below are a couple tips to help you determine which pieces of content make for compelling informational video vignettes.

Start with top performing blogs

Have your senior living marketing team log into its Google Analytics account. You can select date ranges, (such as year-over-year comparisons) to see how specific blog posts have performed historically. Specifically, your team should follow this path in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics → Behavior Reports → Site Content → All Pages → Select and Compare Date Ranges

By analyzing this report, your team will know which blog posts have performed so far in 2020, while also isolating blog posts that performed in previous years. Additionally, your team will be able to identify blog posts that continue to perform well year-over-year. Our recommendation is to select a combination of blog posts that continuously receive traffic while also digging into topics that are evergreen and timeless. For top-performing posts that are older, make sure your content marketing team updates posts with the most relevant statistics, so it doesn’t look dated after being converted to video.

After converting these blog posts into informational video vignettes, your community can repost these videos across social media and YouTube as a new asset. This can drive even more traffic to these pages and may earn the attention of a prospective resident that didn’t interact with that content previously.

Mine FAQs pages and your website’s site search (search bar) for ideas

The best ideas come from your customers. The same can be said for informational video vignettes. If your website has a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page, consider converting each question and answer into videos. This customer-centric approach will help your community address its audiences’ pressing questions in an inviting format that they can refer to as they narrow down their options.

If your website doesn’t have an FAQs page, its site search bar is a great place to learn where prospective residents or ACIs are getting tripped up on your website. Your senior living marketing team can see what resources site visitors are searching for. Your senior living marketing team could find a query that it didn’t expect, which could be addressed in a future piece of content and subsequent informational video.

Maximize Informational Videos With Our Team of Content Marketing Experts

Identifying ideal topics is the first step in leveraging informational video vignettes. To produce these videos in an efficient and cost-effective manner, your team will need the right tool. Our team recommends Lumen5 for how user-friendly it is to create polished videos at a fraction of the price that comes with hiring a videographer. Better yet, a tool like Lumen5 can help senior living marketing teams create compelling video content at scale for each of its locations.

That said, finding the time to repurpose/create, upload and share these assets on your various platforms could remain a challenge. In that event, contact our team of senior living experts. We’ve created hundreds of informational videos for client partners to help them expand their reach and acquire net-new residents. Set up a meeting with our team and we’ll provide additional context, including specific recommendations to ensure your community maximizes the full potential from its video assets.



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