Inside Self Storage 20th Anniversary Show

Well, the Inside Self Storage (ISS) Spring show is over and Dave Wolf and I have returned home.  I’ve even cleaned out my suitcase.  (I love to pack, unpacking not so much)

This show marked its 20th anniversary and carried the theme, “Write Your Next Chapter”.  Whether you are a storage owner, operator, vendor, investor or builder, there was plenty of opportunity and great buzz!

Because Linkmedia 360 attends the show each year, we’re really developing some solid relationships in addition to meeting new folks too.  It’s always a pleasure to put a face with the name, especially when individuals you’ve been speaking with by phone stop by the booth to surprise you and introduce themselves!  It was awesome.

Hopefully you’ve viewed our pics  from the show and saw that we promoted the use of QR codes.  We offered a promotion during the show for attendees to enter to win an Ipad.

Here’s the Linkmedia QR code which when downloaded from a Smartphone via a code reader app, would take the person directly to the Linkmedia 360 website to enter our drawing.  All the Entries will be tallied shortly and a winner announced.  Stay tuned!

The Fall ISS Expo heads to Tacoma, WA in October.  I’ve just unpacked and it’ll soon be time to hit the road again.

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