Getting Your Rehab’s ‘House’ in Order: 6 Tips to Becoming Operationally Marketing Savvy

You’ve spent the better part of the summer attending to your home improvement checklist. Getting pesky branches hanging over the house trimmed, cleaning gutters, replacing siding, painting, etc.

How’s your marketing ‘house’ faring? While your rehab marketing team may believe your addiction treatment center is squeaky clean from an internal operations standpoint, there may be some items your team didn’t consider. And, like all helpful contractors, we’ve packaged these internal marketing operations tips in one handy blog post for your rehab treatment center’s benefit.

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Starting From the Foundation: 6 Addiction Rehab Considerations for Internal Marketing Operations Success

It’s impossible to build a solid structure from a faulty foundation, much like an addiction treatment center can’t operate at optimum efficiency without the proper foundation. In that spirit, heed these six considerations and implement them as needed to improve your internal operations.

1.) Ring Time – If the addict or concerned loved one/friend hears muzak instead of getting connected to your admissions staff, it could create a problem for your rehab marketing goals. Callers expressing a need for your treatment center’s services don’t want to wait. Bearing that in mind, make sure your admissions staff is answering the phone in a reasonable amount of time and are letting as few of calls to go voicemail as possible. Show you care by being there at the point of outreach.

2.) Lead to Intake Conversion Rate – How many intakes does your admissions staff convert when those in need of help call into your treatment center? Our team isn’t recommending that your admissions team puts the hard sell on. Merely, your staff should be trained to recognize the equivalent of “buying signals” and simply have your team ask the right questions.

3.) Creating a Compelling “Call Script” – When in doubt, stick to the script. There are too many unique interactions to replicate an entire conversation between an intake and your admissions or treatment staff. However, if your team compiles the most common concerns and jots down successful approaches, it will provide a potential conversational roadmap for your team. A call script will be the most beneficial to newer hires still learning to become comfortable on the phone lines, but also helps seasoned veterans who need a reminder. A great catch-all for both of these groups is having an F.A.Q. at the ready, with quick answers to questions that make teams stumble.

4.) Tracking ALL Calls – Whether it’s call tracking or a dedicated CRM, call tracking will become such an integral part of your internal operations, your team may wonder how it functioned before the investment. You’ll be able to identify which channel brought your team the most intakes and will be able to conversely attribute a lack of calls to the proper channel/approach.

5.) Have A Dedicated “Call Log” – Aside from call tracking, your admissions team will need to determine call quality, so it doesn’t spin its wheels with the wrong leads. A call log will provide an additional safety net for your internal operations, so it can sort through and assess call successes at both a granular and high level.

6.) Train Your Staff to LISTEN to Prospective Intakes – It may sound counterintuitive to recommend a call script AND encourage your team to inject empathy and time into calls. But, once your admissions team has identified an intake with the right requirements and credentials, it should spend the necessary time to build a relationship. Hear prospective intakes or their loved one’s story and what’s causing the pain behind their disease. This is easier than it sounds. Just train your staff to be accessible, look for the right signals it’s identified, and sit back and listen. That doesn’t mean your admissions staff can’t further empathize be getting personal and describing their own recovery journey if it’s genuine and applicable. But also give that prospective intake the time they need to vent. Think about it this way: you’ve been holding onto a secret for ages and are finally able to confide in someone about it. For your admissions staff, that secret is the prospective intakes addiction, and that confidant is your admissions and treatment team.

Being Operationally Savvy Saves Lives While Meeting Rehab Marketing Goals

When your addiction treatment center makes the right changes with its internal operations, it allows the benefits of successful treatment to shine through. While that’s true, we understand that internal housekeeping and house cleaning can be a drag, regardless of the playlist you have on when trying to be productive. So, if your rehab marketing team has a question while implementing the considerations we recommended, contact our team. We’ll do our best to create a customized strategy that helps your drug rehabilitation center conquer its list of improvement projects to put the ‘house’ in order.

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