Intro to Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for business

According to the latest Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project, 73% of online US adults use social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The predominant users of social media are between 18 and 29 years old, but the 50 to 64 age group has grown to 43%. One of the social media platforms with a huge user base is Pinterest. This relatively new social media site, which launched only in 2010, has exploded in usage over the past few years with currently over 70 million users. The majority, 80%, of the users are women. There are also over 500,000 business accounts, from clothing and furniture companies to self-storage companies.

What is Pinterest?

It is a social network where a user can share and discover new interests by posting images and videos. Or as Pinterest themselves describes it, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” A pin is an image or video that you add to Pinterest. Pinning is the act of visually sharing content. Repinning is sharing another person’s or company’s content. Your pins are put on boards, which is usually focused around one theme. You can follow company pages as well as individual boards. Following another person’s page or board is the major form of engagement on Pinterest. On average, Pinterest buyers spend more money on more items than any of the 5 big social media sites.

How do you use Pinterest?

Setting up a business account on Pinterest is very simple to do. There is a set-up wizard on the site to walk you through the steps. Once your business page is set up, then you can start adding photos of your company, company’s services and products, interesting photos, or tips that you have come across. Make sure to add “Pin It” buttons on your website to let people know that you have a Pinterest page. Place correct description tags on the photos on your website, so people can pin them to their pages. To promote your new Pinterest page, let your social media fans and followers know that you are on Pinterest by sharing your page’s URL. Add the Pinterest icon to your email signature, newsletters and other marketing material along with the other social media platform icons.

There are many ways to use your Pinterest page for your company’s marketing efforts. In order to get users to engage with your Pinterest boards, create a user-generated board where customers can upload their own photos. Create boards that showcase your products and services as well as your employees, customers, and company special events. The Infographic is a great visual content concept that is used on Pinterest. These are great for sharing statistics, a story about your business, or interesting organizational facts. A great pin will spark an emotional response from your followers. If the pin is unique, captivating and even a bit quirky, it will be shared across Pinterest.

Engaging with other boards or pages is just as important as posting pictures on your page. Repinning photos from another board, as well as liking a pin is the form of “conversation” for Pinterest. Commenting and liking other people’s pins will actually draw attention to your own profile and will let you show your business’s personality and human side. However, you should not use comments on pins to promote your own company or talk about your company’s services.

As a business, it is important to analyze how well your social media programs are performing. Pinterest business pages can track who is pinning from your website, how many impressions you receive for your pins and how many viewers are clicking on your content. The analytics can also give demographic information such as who is pinning your website photos, when they are pinning and which pins get the most repins. These analytics will help you to maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts.

How does Pinterest work for Business?

Many companies are using Pinterest to promote their products and services. A key factor to remember is that the major demographic using Pinterest is women. For example in the self-storage industry, women usually are the ones making the purchasing/renting decision. They are the shoppers and ask others for their opinions. The users on Pinterest are searching for a variety of information while they are on the site from recipes, clothing styles and home decorating tips. There are quite a lot of great organization, cleaning, and recipes that are shared on Pinterest. Great ideas for Pinterest boards include decorating tips, self storage packing tips, moving tips, room wish lists, holiday tips. It is important to also have boards with your company information as well as local information such as other local businesses, sports teams, local parks and community events.

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