Is Your Senior Living Community Ready for Marketing Automation?

Is your community keeping in touch with prospective residents as they research their living options on the next phase of their life journey? This important process can take as little as a week or as long as 18 months. Each potential resident has a unique situation and marketing automation can help you better understand where they’re at in the process.

Knowing how to manage each prospective resident and their unique situation is the key making your job more fun and productive. This insight also puts the operational team at ease and gives them confidence in your ability to read the situation and communicate effectively to achieve the occupancy goals of the community.

If you spend a lot of your precious time on the phone trying to track prospects down and build relationships, then marketing automation may be right for you. You’ll be able to identify and separate out potential residents with urgent needs and those that are in the very early stages of the process.

Treat Different Prospects Differently

Please check out part 3 of our webinar series, “Reaching the Digitally Savvy Senior. Advanced Marketing Communications Strategies”  [VIEW REPLAY HERE]

In this webinar we discuss the 2 most important signals from your website and how to react and respond to them accordingly. In some cases, a quick call back is what’s required, however, many potential residents aren’t quite ready to talk yet. They just want education and some sense of what it’s like to live at the community.

This is where a solid marketing automation strategy makes all the difference. In the webinar we go beyond setting the strategy. We also take a simple approach to evaluating:

  • The role of content in marketing automation
  • How many nurture program streams (email campaigns) to launch
  • What is lead scoring and why it matters

Advancing Up the Marketing Maturity Curve

This webinar is part 3 of our series dedicated to working our way up the 4 levels of the digital marketing maturity curve using a checklist approach.

The four levels of the digital marketing maturity curve are:

  1. Classic
  1. Foundational
  1. Practitioner
  1. Advanced

Want to know what’s included in each level? Please CONTACT US and we’ll send you the full checklist right away.

Also, all guests that registered for the webinar are eligible to receive a free digital marketing audit to determine your community’s level on the Marketing Maturity Curve and how to make progress. 

And if you missed the first webinar, you can view that here as well.

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