Is Your Website at the Center of Your Marketing Strategy?

80% of people have completed research online before providing contact information. Is your senior living community winning that crucial moment? Or is your funnel leaking leads? April LaMon partners with senior living communities to help them better understand their prospective residents, and how to make the most of the vital moment before the form fill.

April is the co-founder of Lead InSite, a behavioral analytics firm with proprietary software that helps senior living marketers understand the consumer journey. April is a data expert, and master of behavioral analytics. The Lead InSite team applies their solution to the resident journey two ways:

  1. Working with community websites to understand anonymous visitor traffic and identify prospects with the highest potential to become a resident. Lead InSite uses conversational marketing tools that nurture anonymous visitors into a lead base and into the sales process
  2. Developing a lifestyle management platform for prospective and current residents at communities. It allows community building, engagement opportunities, and for residents to take full advantage of the lifestyle promises that communities offer residents

External Factors Impacting Senior Living Digital Marketing

Things change quickly in senior living digital marketing. April has noticed the following changes in terms of demographics:

Aging population (greater longevity)

Tremendous innovations in healthcare and medicine

More affluence with modern seniors

Your community’s website can address these demographic changes by creating compelling solutions for prospective residents. Understanding what younger seniors are looking for and what they want for their lives will help your senior living marketing team convert more of the 80% of visitors in “research mode”.

One question your senior living marketing team should consider:

Is your community creating demand or merely capturing demand?

Depending on where your community’s efforts fall given the previous question, April notices a range of options. Overall, she’s seeing more industry curiosity in the marketplace. Though this curiosity goes beyond the typical offerings of features and amenities.

Senior Living still suffers from a lack of category understanding and awareness, and what the industry could be. Within this model, many senior living communities are striving to become more for their residents. The need to provide fulfillment beyond a living space ushering in the next phase of a resident’s life is an opportunity your website can address.

Website and broader web platforms have to illustrate what it’s like to live/work at your community, so a visitor doesn’t have to walk through the front door to get that experience.

Ironically, of all the tools available to marketers, the one fully within your community’s control is your digital platform (website, social platforms) and often, they get the least amount of attention.

Additional Insights Covered

Within this episode of FIFF, the team also addresses:

  • How to properly engage with the younger, active senior and the ACI
  • The difference between choice-based and need-based residents
  • How to use technology to improve the lives of active seniors, not enable them
  • Communicating lifestyle benefits of community’s to independent seniors
  • The distinction between what a senior living website is, and what it IS NOT

To learn more about April and her team, visit Lead InSite. For questions for Phil and the Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces team, contact us. We’ll help your community make your website the center of your senior living digital marketing strategy.

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