ISS 2017 – Top 4 Insights and Takeaways

Linkmedia 360 Self Storage ISS Recap

It’s been a week since Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas. So, the Linkmedia 360 Self Storage team thought it was a good idea to unpack some actionable insights, trends and takeaways you may have missed while you were networking in the Expo Hall.

Don’t worry! Even if you were unable to attend ISS this year (like myself, but isn’t that what theater of the mind is for?) we’ve got you covered.

ISS 2017 – Marketing Track Rundown

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While I was setting and running meetings for clients back at headquarters, Phil Smith, Business Development Director and Matt Mesenger, Director of Digital Marketing at Linkmedia 360 were hard at work presenting in two separate marketing tracks.

Phil’s marketing track detailed how to align and leverage Google Analytics data to create actionable marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Matt’s presentation covered the local self-storage search ecosystem and how to manage multiple business listings to drive traffic and revenue.

I won’t provide an in-depth play-by-play in this post, but you can view the itinerary for each marketing track from ISS 2017 here.

Of course, we do have a handy form that you can submit for answers to any lingering questions about local listings or Google Analytics. It’s not going to submit itself, people, so don’t be shy!

In the meantime, I’ve assembled a list of the top 4 self storage trends and takeaways from ISS 2017 you’ll need to be mindful of this year and beyond.

1. Social Media is Still Hot – but Get Technical for the Real Revenue

Between canvassing and surveying, our team was surprised to discover the sheer number of storage facilities that don’t have an iron-clad website strategy – or, in some cases, a website at all! Without cueing horror music or asking for a show of hands, if this describes your facility’s current status, it’s time to make some changes. Keep in mind – it’s better to crawl before you run.

What I mean is that social media is still considered new and trendy, even in 2017. That being said, it simply cannot replace time-tested, proven techniques for increasing revenue… Techniques like developing and maintaining a fully optimized, mobile-responsive website. Or investing in on-page enhancements for both search engine and conversion rate optimization. Social media is a supplement to these strategies. Only by focusing on optimizing your website with a strong technical foundation will you yield the quality leads and traffic you want.

Matt Mesenger’s ProTip: You win the digital battle in the trenches. Take the necessary time to find the keywords that your customers are searching for. Optimize your website with those keywords and let that drive your content strategy. You’ll acquire an increase in both traffic and conversions. Understand what the Google Analytics data is telling you. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

2. Get Hyped, and Hyper-local in Your Targeting


Not that this should come as a shock to any self storage owner/operator, but your best customers are typically right in your neighborhood. In fact, most of your customers will be within a three- to five-mile radius of your location. That makes your local SEO and local listings vitally important to your success.

Again, make sure to incorporate local and regional keywords into your strategy. If you need a refresher, you can always consult our guides to grabbing low hanging fruit in local SEO and Local Listings Management by capitalizing on quick wins for your SEO.

Phil Smith’s ProTip: Gain visibility on local directories by incorporating barnacle SEO. It’s a great tactic to leverage first-page traffic.

3. Take a Ride on the Millennial Falcon

Millennials have officially overtaken baby boomers as the largest consumer segment. This change should be reflected in your onsite and offsite advertising. From an onsite perspective, this means putting an emphasis on the User Experience (UX) so that your website is friendly and easy to navigate regardless of the device being used.

While this change in customer landscape can raise concerns (do millennials have enough stuff to store?) it also presents an opportunity. You can begin catering content to this emerging customer base and get a leg up on your competition.

Phil Smith’s ProTip: Millennials are “low-touch, no-touch” consumers. If your website can’t take reservations/payments online or isn’t creating a user-friendly experience, you’ll miss out on those customers now and in the foreseeable future.

4. ISS 2017 – Stray Thoughts and Observations

Based on chatter around the Expo floor, something to keep in mind is tenant insurance. Natural disasters and break-ins are a very real threat to your self-storage customers. The last thing you want is a reputation management issue if something happens to a customer’s belongings.

Matt Mesenger’s ProTip: Communicate the benefits of tenant insurance with dedicated content. Customers and rankings are an added benefit.

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