Tours. Residents. Earn More of Both! 3 Landing Page Best Practices for SLC’s

Let’s meet at Macy’s in the shoe department at 6 p.m.?

These very specific instructions from your friend will mostly likely lead to a fun and stress-free night out. Right?

You know exactly where to go and what time to be there and you’ll spend no time searching for your friend. You’ll also know the exact purpose of the shopping trip…to buy a new pair of flats for the party.

This is probably the way many of your interactions happen. Specific time and place with clearly defined context to help you take the right action.

So, you’re probably wondering why so many senior living digital marketing campaigns drive traffic to the homepage of the community. What’s a website visitor to do? They found your ad or offer compelling enough to click through, but they land on the homepage and then have no idea what to do next.

Where is the landing page?

Wait, what is a landing page?

That question, among others, is what this post addresses. Today, we’re covering landing page best practices that convert more clicks into dedicated tours and visits for each one of your community locations. You’ll learn:

  • The definition of what a landing page is and what it does to help your senior living marketing team
  • Three landing page best practices so your community can earn more conversions and tours from interested site visitors

Cushy Conversions – What a Landing Page is & How it Helps Drive Occupancy

Before we define what a landing page IS, let’s define what a landing page ISN’T:

  • A landing page is not…
  • Your home page
  • A page designed with a navigation bar
  • A page without an offer
  • A robust page with a ton of text
  • A page that’s open-ended without a specific focus

Landing pages can be described as a dedicated page on your website that enables you to collect contact information with an embedded form. They are usually built with a single purpose in mind….To compel the visitor to the Landing Page to fill out the form and complete a desired action.

The landing pages that convert the greatest percentage of site visitors have the following elements in common:

  • Compelling Headlines
  • Keyword-rich copy
  • Clear directions to drive action (e.g. filling out form)
  • Low to no clutter

Now that your senior living marketing team understands the crucial elements that differentiate landing pages from any other dedicated page on your website, you can begin taking proactive action to convert more of the traffic your community earned with that click.

Landing Page Best Practice #1: Keep Calls-To-Action Above the Fold

If your prospective residents or ACI’s have to scroll to the bottom of your landing page before figuring out what action you want them to take, you’ve already lost them. Your landing page needs to clearly state its purpose and make that action an easy one for your visitors to take.

A majority of the time, the action you want your prospective resident to take is to book a tour with your community. Your community isn’t limited to that call-to-action by any means. Depending on the goal your marketing or management has, you could also encourage downloads of a piece of content, a form to contact your community, etc. That said, make sure that the landing page your community creates only has one specific call-to-action. Again, all phone numbers, addresses and vital pieces of information need to be as close to the top as possible. Another sound practice is making sure that your landing pages are mobile responsive. In today’s competitive environment, a site visitor will think your community is run by amateurs if it serves a poor experience on mobile.

Landing Page Best Practice #2: Incorporate UX Elements Like Heat Mapping

The senior living marketing teams that have the most success test pages often to ensure that site visitors are finding the most value from them. How do those teams gauge this at scale? By consistently reinforcing a commitment to an engaging user-experience. They let the user’s dictate where to place calls-to-action, forms, etc.

Heat mapping is an impactful representation of user behavior on a given landing page. Based on the heat signature, your senior living marketing team will have definitive proof of where visitors are interacting and taking action. Conversely, heat mapping also dictates where your team should avoid putting conversion elements.

Bright, deep concentrations of dark red, orange, and yellow represent ideal places to put your form, where cool blues indicate areas that site traffic isn’t scrolling or interacting. Heat mapping also shows scroll depth, and when your team combines this with your above the fold call-to-action creates a compelling place for traffic to convert.

Landing Page Best Practice #3: Regularly Track Traffic & Goals in Google Analytics

Aside from understanding landing page user behavior with heat mapping, your senior living marketing team needs to consistently track landing page traffic in Google Analytics. That way, your community has better context and can see how it evolves (or doesn’t) over a consistent period of time.

In Google Analytics, your team can find the landing page performance under Behavior reports. From there, click on Site Content and drill down into landing pages. Your team can track the performance of specific landing pages to determine which one’s convert more traffic in accordance to your goals. The landing pages report will help your community tell a more complete story to corporate, and will either validate successful effort, or will indicate the need for change.

Follow Our Landing Page Best Practices and Convert the Traffic You’ve Earned!

It’s likely that some of your board members or directors think it’s fine to send traffic to the home page. They paid enough for the design, why wouldn’t we route traffic there so they can see the whole website and choose where to go?

After reading this post, your community will have clear reasons to advise against this methodology. In this case, some reframing and goal alignment may be wise, because the ultimate goal of converting site visitors to improve occupancy is shared. If your senior living marketing team has additional questions after this post, feel free to contact our team. We’ll help your community create landing pages that capture conversions.

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