Important Insights into Senior Living: A LeadingAge Conference 2018 Recap

This year’s LeadingAge annual meeting 2018 brought unique opportunities to network, insightful thought leadership, a forum of forward-thinking ideas and more. Is your community ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges in active aging?

In this recap of LeadingAge conference 2018, we’re sharing top takeaways following conversations during the Expo and dynamic educational sessions. Your community will learn:

  • Three Takeaways your senior living marketing and leadership team can apply to your community to maximize 2019’s opportunities

Takeaway #1: Use Content Marketing to Combat Misconceptions Regarding Age

We heard heartfelt sentiments regarding ageism during LeadingAge. What image is conjured when you think of a ‘typical’ 75-year-old? Is it the lonely bachelor watching reruns by their TV, mostly inclined to sulk in the shadows of their home? Or is it someone who leads a life of purpose, not confined by age?

While seniors exist on both sides of that divide, there are still stigmas about age that aren’t relevant to today’s active aging population. LeadingAge conference 2018’s ‘Words from the Wise’ Ageism Exhibit provided the proper platform for well-needed realigning. Though we know the digitally savvy senior of today is active, ageism is prevalent in society. Your senior living community can use content marketing on its own platform to channel the wisdom from the exhibit for your local area.

What type of content can senior living marketing teams create to change perceptions on aging?

For example, do you have residents who have hobbies we tend to associate with younger populations? Create a POV or spotlight on the individual! These unique spotlights can be published on a consistent basis as part of a series to continuously educate audiences and inspire hope from prospective residents.

Senior living marketing teams could publish this content on the following channels to bring these stories to life:

  • Blogged content on your community’s website
  • Video content that could be shared on your website and social channels
  • TV commercials showing residents biking or enjoying the lifestyle benefits your community offers
  • Testimonials from residents who live at your community and have a youthful exuberance

Takeaway #2: Labor Shortages for Skilled Nursing/Care Giver Careers Create Staffing Opportunities

An additional topic our team heard repeatedly during LeadingAge’s annual conference 2018 was centered around today’s workforce challenges in senior living. There are two ways senior living marketing teams can recruit and retain today’s top talent:

1.) Promoting the Benefits of Working at Your Community – Engaging and recruiting talented caregivers and staff has been a priority the past year and will likely carry over into 2019. Communities can connect with prospective staff by promoting the perks of developing a career path in senior living. Communicating the unique compensation structures, soft benefits and defined job descriptions are talking points that foster an environment of purposeful employment. Senior living providers should optimize career pages on their websites to reflect employment perks and benefits from working at their community.

2.) Events and Partnerships Connect with Professional Candidates – Networking events and career fairs provide a welcoming platform to introduce your community to prospective candidates. Conversations centered around quality of life will show your community’s commitment to long-term employment in the senior living industry. Developing partnerships with colleges will help your community stay top-of-mind when tomorrow’s leaders seek employment.

Takeaway #3: Use Your Unique Location to Differentiate Your Community from Competition

An ongoing theme we heard again during LeadingAge was how much a community’s location factors into where a resident will ultimately move. Today’s active seniors have plentiful living options, and communities are constantly touting their amenities within marketing collateral. Not that there’s a problem with that, but are swimming pools or rec centers really swaying a senior’s decision? Understanding what seniors are seeking can help your community entice residents with lifestyle benefits that will get them to pick up their phones.

The overreliance on community-centric amenities opens an opportunity for your community to talk about access to life in the surrounding area. This fosters a transition in living that’s more seamless for residents. It encourages the sentiment that yes, a senior’s life will be different than it was, but not by a substantial degree. Seniors can live at your community without sacrificing independence or quality of life.

Access to local entertainment, grocery stores, restaurants, walking paths, and places to shop will help cultivate a community that residents can call home and thrive. Senior living marketing teams can highlight amenities both in and out of communities in its marketing collateral to provide a broader snapshot of everyday life.

Is Your Community Ready to Implement Insights from LeadingAge Conference 2018?

At LeadingAge conference 2018, attendees were provided numerous ways to put insights into practice. If your community needs help didn’t get a chance to connect with us during LeadingAge annual conference during Expo hours, feel free to call our team. We’ll help your senior living marketing team plan for 2019 and be proactive to tomorrow’s opportunities today.

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