Want to Solve the Puzzle of Sales and Marketing? Meet Our Team at SMASH

Whether it’s a crossword, sudoku, Rubik’s cube or jigsaw – we find a sense of satisfaction in putting disconnected pieces together and solving puzzles. So too are senior care providers looking to put the pieces of marketing and sales together to solve the puzzle of occupancy while surpassing census goals.

The senior living industry convenes each year at SMASH to accomplish the goal above and to differentiate, outmaneuver competitors and network with peers. To help attendees make the most of their conference experience, our team expanded our presence this year to include:

  • Co-Presenting an Educational Speaking Session
  • Hosting impactful Roundtable discussions
  • Conducting consultative Speed Meetings
  • Moderating comprehensive Educational Talks

…and much more. To gain a complete picture of our presence and elaborate on what senior living marketing and sales leaders can expect to learn from our team, continue reading. You’ll learn:

  • The Linkmedia 360 senior living experts who are attending SMASH and a brief synopsis of the role each team member will take during conference happenings
  • Details about our Speaking Session

How your senior living marketing and sales team can reach out for questions prior to SMASH

Linkmedia 360’s Senior Living Experts Attending SMASH 2019

There’s no hyperbole when we say we’re sending the best to educate and consult senior living providers at SMASH. Below is a rundown of who your organization will meet, the role each member will have and where you’ll be able to find us:

Managing PartnerDave Wolf – As Managing Partner at Linkmedia 360, Dave is instrumental in overseeing and maintaining a connected and strategic vision for agency growth in occupancy driven industries. In senior living, Dave leads and collaborates with solutions, client services and sales to deliver superior customer service and best in class results for client partners.

Where you’ll find Dave: When Dave isn’t making connections with attendees, you’ll likely find him learning the latest senior living trends by attending Educational Sessions. Dave will also be meeting with client partners to provide expert consulting and advisement during his time at SMASH.

Chief Operating OfficerKurt Krejny – As Chief Operating Officer, Kurt Krejny provides leadership for Linkmedia 360’s client delivery team to drive a favorable digital marketing ROI for senior living communities that rely on innovative strategy, timely execution and superior customer service. By utilizing analytics, integration and data science, Kurt oversees our team in connecting sales, marketing and operations data within actionable reporting dashboards for client partners that are designed to align with goals, drive leads and improve census.

Where you’ll find Kurt: To say that Kurt has a busy schedule at SMASH is an understatement. He will co-present a speaking session and will host ED Talks that directly engage with SMASH attendees. Additionally, over the course of the conference, Kurt can be spotted speaking with client partners and attending provider sessions.

VP of SalesEvan Horomanski – Evan brings eight years of digital marketing experience where he has connected opportunities to tangible goals for client partners. Evan’s consultative approach drives strategic, scalable digital marketing solutions in senior living that allows client partners to thrive, even in hyper-competitive markets.

Where you’ll find Evan: During SMASH, Evan’s focus will be centered around quality meetings with prospective client partners, conducting meetings and moderating riveting Roundtable discussions. Specifically, Evan will conduct Speed Meetings with various senior living providers. He can also be found moderating a Roundtable discussion and will split whatever time remaining learning the latest trends during provider sessions.

VP of Solutions, ExperienceMarissa Centofanti – Marissa leads the solutions team to deliver enterprise-level strategies for senior living providers. She utilizes her expertise in website development, email automation, content, SEO, local and paid search to provide direction to client service teams and consultation to key stakeholders within a client partner’s organization. By weaving these strategies together, Marissa achieves results for client partners that drive ROI while creating exemplary experiences. Marissa provides an eclectic mix of client experience, from Fortune 100 insurance companies and national banks to major electronics and appliance retailers.

Where you’ll find Marissa: At SMASH senior living conference, Marissa will also be splitting her packed schedule between educating providers and engaging with client partners. She can be found hosting ED Talks with Kurt, attending provider sessions to further her knowledge and meeting with client partners in attendance.

Account DirectorJen Konecny – With over 15 years of account management and digital marketing experience, Jen brings seasoned leadership to the role of Account Director. This experience allows her the ability to deftly communicate strategies across client service and client partner teams alike. In senior living, Jen is known for her willingness to advise client partners through the complexities that often befall the senior living space.

Where you’ll find Jen: During her time at SMASH, Jen will be splitting her time between networking, meetings and education. Specifically, SMASH’s Networking Hive will be the prime place to have a conversation with Jen. She will also take the time to meet and catch up with client partners. It’s also probable to spot her attending educational sessions.

Account ManagerKathleen Battin – Kathleen’s career in digital marketing spans over ten years of experience, including her specific expertise in Account Management. She blends an array of expertise. In particular, she excels at email marketing, trade show events, video and digital/print media tactics, among other deliverables. Kathleen is known for her organization, attention to detail and ability to manage and build meaningful client relationships.

Where you’ll find Kathleen: The Networking Hive will be buzzing, as Kathleen connects with professionals across the senior living spectrum. Additionally, Kathleen will be attending meetings with client partners to further build out strong and successful relationships that lead to stellar results.

Business Development ManagerScott Taylor – Scott collaborates with senior living providers to develop partnerships that align with their goals. His expertise in relationship building and lead generation combined with his background in working with healthcare providers to develop digital marketing strategies helps him identify ideal opportunities to benefit prospective client partners.

Where you’ll find Scott: Being a natural conversationalist and gifted solutions consultant, Scott will be found speaking and meeting with prospective senior living client partners. He will advise attendees with strategies and tactics to help them accomplish their goals.

Want to Optimize Your Marketing Spending? Attend Our Informative Session

Senior living marketing teams across the continuum of care struggle with predicting a return on investment. If that scenario sounds familiar, then our Speaking Session: Optimize Your Marketing Spend: Using Analytics & Data Science to Inform Marketing Budget & Activities is a must-attend.

Check out the session information below:

If you are still relying on your gut and trying to squeeze out more leads from tactics with a high cost-per-inquiry and unpredictable return on investment, it’s time to shift gears and let the data and insights inform your digital marketing budget and activities.

In this session, Springpoint Senior Living and Linkmedia 360 will share a model you can leverage to get closer to establishing an informed cost-per-inquiry that drives leads that turn into residents. Find out which mix of media and marketing drives optimal results, and learn the ways to maintain and optimize your online visibility to keep marketing teams accountable and always advancing towards better results.

  • Utilize an approach to thoroughly track all of your investments and marketing sources using CRM technology and analytics
  • Learn about using analytics and data science to inform leads goals, projections and ongoing digital marketing levers and optimization to meet targets
  • Learn about digital multi-channel assists for the resident journey, and using data science to marry data sources, and ways to predict correlating trends to uncover actionable opportunities that your competitors may not be pursuing

Don’t Wait to put the Puzzle Pieces Together: Contact us Before SMASH Senior Living

Senior living marketing and sales teams will undoubtedly want to maximize their time during SMASH. To help your community plan and prioritize accordingly, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll be happy to provide additional information where needed and answer any lingering questions before reconvening at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas.

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