Leveraging Online Advertising for the Senior Care Industry

Online Advertising Options for Senior Care Industry


Success for companies and organizations involved with senior care or end-of-life has historically been through what is known as “Traditional” advertising. For decades, channels such as TV, print, radio, and direct mail have been the most effective way of reaching seniors and caregivers in their homes; the places where they are most likely to make such personal decisions.

However, the explosion of the internet over the past two decades has severely impacted the value of these older ad formats, just as the amount of people in the target market for the ads is reaching an all time high. Fortunately there is a solution this problem: Online advertising.

Online Advertising for Seniors

Online advertising (often referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click) is essentially buying and placing ads online. Like traditional advertising you pay a certain amount of money, and based on the competitiveness of the ad market at that time/place, your ads show in front of a group of people. The benefit of this is most organizations have already budgeted for marketing cost and so no new money needs to be found, just redistributed.

In Paid Online advertising there are two main types of ads; text-based “Search Advertisements” and Image- or Media-based “Display Advertisements. “Search Advertisements” are text ads that link to a landing page. They run on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as sites that have partnered with the search engines, to show these small text ads. Each ad could be focused on only a small number of “exact match” phrases or a very large number of keywords such as “anything containing the word “senior living.”

“Display Advertisements” are the rich-media ads that run on run on websites such as AARP.org or the WSJ Retirement Planning Section. These ads are made up of static pictures, short animations, full videos, or in some cases fully interactive widgets. The main difference between them and Search Ads are the ability of the advertiser to specifically target “personas” instead of search queries. Rather than only appearing when someone types in a specific keyword combination, the advertiser can choose to run ads on a specific website they know their target market frequents.


Why Choose Online Advertisements

One of the other huge benefits for running paid advertisements is the ability to calculate the exact effect of your advertising efforts on your bottom line. Unlike traditional ads spend where you pay money to run a TV spot and then either guess at its conversion rate, you can see how many people clicked on your “Assisted Living” ad in real time and digitally trace them directly to a conversion. This means no more guessing about what you think might work.

This may all seem very confusing, but online advertising is one of the cornerstones of an effective marketing digital campaign. Though the setup will take some time, the best way to get started is by finding an agency partner to consult or manage the process. Linkmedia 360 manages over a half million dollars in paid online advertisements annually and our team of PPC experts maintains an average return on investment of 900%. To find out how your company could benefit from online advertisements or two set up a two-month test contact Linkmedia 360 today!

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