Linkmedia 360 is a Finalist in LSA18 Ad-to-Action Awards for Best Local Search Campaign

In less than a week, Linkmedia 360 will head to Chicago to attend LSA’s Annual Flagship Conference. LSA Annual is the destination for marketers looking to maximize the local marketing ecosystem. This year’s LSA conference boasts tactical workshops, provocative discussions, case studies, one-on-one interviews, executive networking opportunities and more.

Dave Wolf, Chad Luckie, Cindy Adamek, Linda Cowan and Jonathan Pogact will represent Linkmedia 360 as we meet with attendees to advance the hyper-local marketplace and innovate ways to connect brands to consumers.

This year marks an especially exciting one, due to Linkmedia 360’s inclusion as a finalist in LSA 18’s Best Local Search Campaign by ‘Driving Local Results with a Global Brand’.

To achieve this prestigious recognition, Linkmedia 360 collaborated with StorageMart to create a holistic, data-driven, and hyper-local campaign in which specific markets were prioritized by first-party occupancy data. Once defined, tactics ranging from paid search, local SEO, content marketing, and more were implemented concurrently to drive results where the business most needed them at any given time.

Read on in this post to learn:

  • What the Local Search Association is
  • Additional background on the Ad-to-Action Awards before May 1sts announcement of the winners for each category

So, what is the Local Search Association? The Ad-to-Action Awards?

The Local Search Association is a not-for-profit association comprised of media companies, agencies, and tech providers who help businesses market to local consumers. LSA’s commitment to local commerce brings SMB’s, national retailers and brands together to better serve the multifaceted and multi-device local purchasing decisions being made in communities across the country and in the world.

In addition to hosting conferences, summits and think tanks while actively promoting thought leadership with blogs and white papers – LSA also hosts an awards competition, called the Ad-to-Action Awards.

This year’s Ad-to-Action Awards brought 93 submissions across 12 categories. The winners will be officially announced this upcoming Tuesday, May 1st at LSA Chicago 18. Linkmedia 360 is proud of the solution we collaborated with StorageMart closely to achieve by driving results in hyper-local markets for a global brand.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be featured as a finalist in the ‘Best Local Search Campaign’ category, and co-managing partner, Chad Luckie, speaks to how robust results are possible:
“As you can see, the most effective local marketing campaigns start with a clear objective, a commitment to collaboration, and a holistic approach.”

We’ll provide updates as we hear them from LSA Chicago 2018, and after the Ad-to-Action Awards winners are officially announced on May 1st. But in the meantime, if your team has any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to provide context where we can.

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