Linkmedia 360 Launches Program to Help Senior Living Providers with Staffing & Recruiting

Is your senior living community struggling with recruitment and staffing? You aren’t alone. Finding qualified nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, health aids, resident caregivers and additional roles have proven difficult.

McKnight’s explored the senior living staffing crisis, citing a 44% year-over-year turnover rate.

Due to this urgent need, Linkmedia 360 has launched a senior living staffing solution to drive qualified applicants to communities who are looking to fill key roles.

Our strategies have proven successful and we are eager to learn about your staffing goals and objectives. Continue reading to learn the about solutions Linkmedia 360’s Senior Living team has crafted to mine the applicant pool for the best candidates to fill your community’s open positions.

Overview of Paid Search and Social Media Solutions to Find Qualified Candidates

The Washington Post reported that more than 17 million Americans filed for unemployment in the last four weeks, with 6.6 million filing for unemployment in the last week alone. To reach this influx of job seekers searching for employment opportunities, we created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Advertising

Utilizing Google Ads, our team of paid search experts create ads that are served to the specific audience your community is looking to recruit, based on the positions that you need filled. We incorporate relevant keywords from our extensive repository of thousands of keyword combinations. These unique keywords, copy and images are tested and optimized to drive candidate engagement with your community for the roles you are looking to fill until we find the perfect combination for your community.

Examples of keywords that we use to place targeted ads in front of your ideal audience include:

  • RN jobs
  • Senior living jobs
  • CNA jobs nearby

and thousands of additional combinations. Our team can cast as wide or narrow a net to ensure the right ad is placed in front of the right job seeker at the right time.

Display Advertising

With Google Display Network, our team can serve your employment advertisement across millions of websites. These ads target audiences that have recently searched for a senior living career or job posting and are currently in-market for employment. Since these candidates are actively seeking careers, these ads capture demand and is an effective way to engage with a prospective looking to start a career in senior living.


Facebook has a large captive audience, which has been sheltering in place and spending more time online, under the current environment. Many of these individuals are spending more time on Facebook to stay connected with family and friends, representing a great opportunity to get your job openings in front of this audience.

Facebook Jobs:

We can link specific job postings directly to your community’s dedicated Facebook page. This can be applied to individual locations or corporate pages, depending on immediate needs or a specific role that needs filled.

Facebook Careers Retargeting:

A retargeting strategy is executed in the event an applicant doesn’t click, call, or convert on your community’s Facebook page for a job posting. Retargeting ads appear in front of job seekers that previously interacted with your community’s job posting, qualifying them as a warmer lead with a greater likelihood to convert.

Boosted Posts:

Boosted posts are distributed to the audience your community wants to target and attract for a career or job posting. These posts utilize an array of data points, which can include your community’s first party data to ensure these cost-effective posts reach your desired audience.

Measuring the Success of Your Recruitment Campaign

Our main measurement criteria for this program is the amount of qualified applicant leads that we drive to your human resources team. We would create a customized lead measurement dashboard that reports the number of applicants driven through our campaign efforts. In some cases, more sophisticated tracking can be enabled if access to your applicant tracking system (ATS) is feasible.

Measurement criteria is broken into four unique stages:

  1. Campaign planning where we define target recruitment roles, qualified candidates and the budget per lead.
  2. Ensure analytics and tracking are properly set-up with possible ATS integration which confirms alignment with candidate lead goals.
  3. Launch campaign and measure results.
  4. Monitor results and augment campaign activities as needed to optimize results.

Start a Recruitment Campaign with Linkmedia 360 to Drive Leads Today

To launch your campaign and start reaching qualified candidates for your community, set-up a call with your account manager to have an exploratory conversation. Your dedicated account manager will review your recruitment goals and objectives to recommend the ideal media plan to meet your staffing and recruitment needs. We look forward to discussing your candidate recruitment goals and objectives and how we can support your human resources team. Contact our team to set-up a call to discuss your recruitment goals and objectives.

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