Linkmedia 360 Ranks in the 2018 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America!

There’s fast growth, then there’s Inc. 5000 fast growth – Inc. stated before introducing its annual report of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in America. The Linkmedia 360 team is no stranger to growth itself. So far in 2018, Linkmedia 360 expanded and renovated our office in Independence, Ohio, created jobs for 38 new employees since January and won LSA’s Best Local Search Campaign in the Ad-to-Action Awards in May.

That growth helped pave the way for our latest milestone – cracking the top 2,500 companies in the Inc. 5000. Specifically, Linkmedia 360 ranks 2,344th overall in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Our agency is honored to share a place among America’s fastest growing entrepreneurs and job creators.

In this spotlight on Inc. 5000 and Linkmedia 360, you’ll learn:

  • The Linkmedia 360 story
  • Additional context about Linkmedia 360’s ranking in the Inc. 5000
  • Where you can find the Linkmedia 360 team the rest of 2018

Closing the Loop Between Traditional & Digital Marketing While Driving Results With Grit & Hustle: Linkmedia 360’s Story

Within advertising and specifically digital marketing, change is continuous. There’s anywhere between 500-600 algorithm updates a year, industry shake-ups, changes in advertising policies and evolutions in consumer behavior & preferences.

Linkmedia 360’s client partners have trusted our team’s seasoned expertise to address the unique challenges facing their respective industries since 2004. The team at Linkmedia 360 shares a passion for driving meaningful, sustainable value with a focus on maximizing a return-on-investment. Our commitment to client success has been reflected in our own growth as an agency.

From our initial team of 15 in 2014 when we applied for the Inc. 5000 to our current team of 60 (and counting) shares in our commitment to nimble execution, driving results, and adapting to today’s challenges while using data-driven insights to forecast tomorrow’s opportunities.

Dave Wolf, Managing Partner at Linkmedia 360, elaborates on the collective achievements of the team that led to the ranking within the Inc. 5000:

“The most exciting part of our current growth path are the opportunities we have in the categories we serve; we have only scratched the surface. Focused investment on our team and in key categories has allowed us to distinguish ourselves as thought leaders and has set a foundation that will propel Linkmedia 360 to the next level.”

Dave continues, stating, “The other exciting part of our growth are the key contributions our team members make on a daily basis to drive results for our clients. I don’t reflect often on the past, but it is amazing to think back where we were a few years ago and all of the new team members who have become part of Linkmedia 360.”

Chad Luckie, Managing Partner at Linkmedia 360, supports the agency’s growth and speaks to the trust it develops between clients and how it impacts the team, stating:

“I love building relationships with our clients and partners. There is no better feeling than driving results that really matter, which ultimately trickles down to our team’s success.”

Citing the ongoing harmony between clients and staff, Chad points to a bright future for Linkmedia 360. “We are continuing to build out our data science capabilities, and we’re looking forward to leveraging new technology like artificial intelligence to continue making a positive bottom-line impact on our clients.”

Times are exciting for Linkmedia 360. Another key team member who’s impacted Linkmedia 360’s growth since 2015 is Kurt Krejny, SVP of Solutions. He recounts the excitement he felt after the Inc. 5000 announcement, and the factors that led to our most recent achievement.

“What excites me most about this accomplishment is our team’s development in the face of constant industry change and increased hyperlocal market competition for our clients. We’ve structured ongoing solutions team training to embrace nimble/tactical execution for the benefit of driving results for clients across all stages of the lead-generation funnel.”

Kurt continues, stating, “In addition to smart investments in agency tooling, we have further built key practice areas including Analytics & Optimization and UX & CRO. The talent on these teams are developing actionable insights within our occupancy focus areas to accelerate the speed to lead for client digital marketing programs.”

A Look Inside Linkmedia 360’s Inc. 5000 Ranking

Even in start-up culture, Linkmedia 360’s beginnings could be considered humble, but with a clear vision and commitment to client success, we’ve continued to create opportunities and scale operations. To put the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in perspective, consider:

  • Among the companies in the Inc. 5000, Linkmedia 360 is listed as the 7th fastest growing advertising & marketing agency in Ohio
  • With our rank in the Inc. 5000, Linkmedia 360 is the #1 fastest growing advertising & marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio

Keep in mind: the Inc. 5000 is the measuring stick for American entrepreneurial growth for all companies across disparate business sectors. Taking that into consideration shows Linkmedia 360’s rising trajectory as a digital marketing solution leader in the advertising industry for years to come. Inc. as an organization dabbles in more than providing an expanded scope to entrepreneurial and business growth in America.

We referred to the trust Linkmedia 360’s client partners have for our approach, accelerating our rising trajectory as an advertising industry leader. Kurt elaborates on this commitment, saying, “Our most successful client partnerships have naturally evolved into a closed loop marketing operation, with Linkmedia 360 as their trusted advisor and execution partner. Getting to this point takes a commitment to the right tooling platforms, analytics, culture and marketing integration team. When your marketing and operations inform each other to continue growing a business efficiently, that is a sweet spot for sustainable marketing that rises above the competition.”

What’s in Store for Linkmedia 360 the Rest of 2018?

While our team is humbled and honored to be included in the Inc. 5000, we’re nowhere close to being finished. If you haven’t heard of us before the Inc. 5000 and want to meet our team in person, you can find us at the following conferences this year:

  • Self Storage Association SSA’s Fall Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada September 4 through September 7, booth #707
  • Content Marketing World – Cleveland, Ohio September 4 through September 7
  • Diamond Sponsor at the Enquire Summit – Denver, Colorado from September 10 through September 12
  • Senior Living Marketing Sales Summit SMASH – Chicago, Illinois October 1 through October 3
  • LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 28 through October 31

The Linkmedia 360 team has a jam-packed schedule for the remainder of 2018 but is never too busy to speak with you or answer a question you have. If that’s the case, or if you have any additional questions about Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America, contact our team. We’ll be happy to help you any way we can. First, Inc. 5000 – next – the Inc. 500 and beyond.

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