Linkmedia 360 Receives Enquire’s CRM Premium Reporting Certification

What if there was an easier way to compile data with customized reports so teams can take swift, decisive action?

That was the question our team wanted answered for senior living client partners, and why we traveled to Denver to attend Enquire Solutions inaugural CRM Premium Reporting Certification class.

What does this certification mean for our senior care provider clients? And, how does this custom reporting certification support Linkmedia 360’s ever-evolving analytics and data science capabilities?

Continue reading to learn these answers and more.

Enquire CRM Premium Reporting Certification Process

For this new and improved premium reporting tool, Enquire built out a new dataset canvas through Microsoft’s Power BI tool – recognized as a leader among all business intelligence platforms by Gartner research.

To become certified to leverage this new premium reporting, onsite training was required and entailed the following:

  • Hands-on, immersive training for two days with the Enquire Solutions team who designed and structured the data
  • An intro to Microsoft Power BI and a deeper look into DAX (the language that metrics are written in Power BI)
  • Guided exploration of calculations and data manipulation for analysis and reporting
  • Additional context behind the underlying data and default calculations included in the Enquire data set
  • Practical skills to author and share visually stunning reports
  • Use of interactive elements in reports to empower team collaboration

By being in the first wave of classes for this certification, Linkmedia 360 gained the benefit of being able to support the initiatives of senior living sales & marketing teams on a deeper level.

Certification to Support Linkmedia 360’s Client Initiatives

With a greater mastery of Microsoft’s Power BI, our team can now assist senior living client partners that have opted into premium reporting in a variety of ways:

  • Reporting flexibility – By providing direct access to the data collected in Enquire CRM, this premium reporting tool gives senior living providers the ability to have more active control over their reports. This increased flexibility provides the opportunity to slice and dice data a variety of ways in a timely manner. And when time is of the essence, this flexibility makes datasets more actionable.
  • Onboarding client partners easier – With our expertise in Microsoft Power BI and our knowledge of the inner workings of Enquire CRM premium reporting, our team can confidently support client partners interested in custom reporting immediately – by building further advisory and trust for client partners as it relates to lead generation from digital marketing.
  • Providing client partners the reporting ‘trifecta’: A streamlined reporting process, repeatability and scalability – Our team can help create dynamic, customized reports in a fraction of the time that was previously required. That makes the data and insights gleaned more relevant to senior living providers’ immediate needs. When repeatability and scalability are also added, they compound the usefulness of the premium reporting capabilities.

This certification provides tangible benefits for everyone from senior living sales and marketing teams to the C-Suite. Specific benefits include:

  • Custom reporting that can be built into reusable dashboards – This helps the C-Suite stay aware of what’s happening on a granular level for each location that ladders up to a holistic strategy
  • Ability to create valuable reports for everyone – from executive level dashboards to reports speaking to individual roles, premium reporting gives the flexibility to render datasets that would otherwise be too time intensive to compile in a short amount of time
  • Reports and dashboards built in Enquire Premium reporting are connected to the data source allowing them to remain up to date. Now, a client can request an update or fresh report weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. and will benefit from this automation and expedited turnaround by having the ability to take decisive action with reliable and current datasets

Premium Reporting Certification and Linkmedia 360’s Evolving Capabilities

Analytics is a crucial component of successful organizations in 2020 and our investments in data science and reporting have led to breakthroughs in strategic recommendations that help client partners achieve their goals. Beyond being up to date on the latest data reporting capabilities, this certification supports Linkmedia 360’s continued growth as a senior living marketing agency that’s firmly rooted in analytics and data science.

Additionally, it demonstrates the pride our team collectively has in its versatility and experience with any CRM and/or marketing automation platform in the senior living industry. We can confidently integrate the data from CRM and marketing automation investments your senior living organization has prioritized.

The expertise our team has gained leads to holistic closed loop reporting that assists senior living marketing teams and informs operational decisions. Meaning, we can connect marketing activities on the front end with move-ins on the back end to help senior living organizations optimize their spending to cost-effectively meet census goals.

Learn More About Our Reporting Capabilities

While our team enjoyed its time in Denver learning about the latest premium reporting capabilities, we’re even more excited to apply what we’ve learned for senior living providers investing in Enquire CRM. Of course, if your team wants to learn additional benefits that good, clean data provides and how it may benefit your organization, contact us.

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