Linkmedia 360 Integrates with SiteLink Marketplace to Drive Website Marketing for Storage Operators

Industry reports suggest that the self-storage sector will register a strong CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8% from 2019-2024. As a result of significant market growth there will be a flood of new facility builds and increased competition.

Competition is forcing every facility type, from REITs to single storage facility operators, to invest strategically while remaining competitive and profitable. This extends to an organization’s technology stack. Operators are looking to further leverage technology with deeper integration of IMS (inventory management systems), increasing the number of reservations that turn into rentals and surpassing projected occupancy and revenue goals.

To help self-storage operators integrate technology with data to drive more rentals and profitable occupancy, Linkmedia 360 has become a trusted partner on the SiteLink Marketplace – by integrating with APIs for both Sitelink and StorEDGE IMS’s.

Benefits of the Sitelink/StorEDGE Integration for Self-Storage Operators

Storage operators that utilize data to determine action can gain a competitive advantage over threats that impact customer experience and occupancy goals. A common challenge with leveraging structured data is that some systems don’t effectively integrate or communicate with one another, which ultimately impacts how prospects interact with your website and the ability to reserve or rent a specific unit online, especially on a mobile device. That challenge can be alleviated through API integration.

SiteLink’s API integration within our self-storage website marketing toolset includes:

Improved tracking and accurate attribution for digital marketing – Self storage marketing teams rely on data to inform strategic decisions and budget allocation. By integrating with SiteLink/StorEDGE, Linkmedia 360 is poised to provide deeper visibility into data that drives results. This not only benefits the marketing strategy, but can also improve operational decisions as it relates to prioritizing marketing budget and activities.

More seamless experience for website visitors – Because SiteLink is cloud-based, it can be utilized on any device in real-time. Therefore, integrating the following data points with your website provide a more seamless customer experience for:

  • Online payments
  • Reservations
  • Rentals
  • Billing management

Analytics and marketing insights – Our team can provide insights more connected to bottom line metrics for move-ins and occupancy, and are reflected in a dynamic digital marketing dashboard report focused on:

  • Reservation and rental conversions connected to marketing sources
    • Paid campaigns
    • Local listings
    • SEO and content marketing

When you choose to integrate your Sitelink/StorEDGE API with a custom website, you are in a position to have a website that is built to rank in search engines, designed to convert more traffic into reservations, and is enabled to scale with the constant changes in digital marketing.

Our Ongoing Investment in Customized Self-Storage Marketing Solutions

Our investment to deepen capabilities with the Sitelink/StorEDGE API provides our client partners the necessary advantage to prosper during times of constant change and increased competition. That said, SiteLink is one of many self-storage technology platforms our team can integrate with.

With a deeper dataset for website marketing through open APIs, our data science practice has helped numerous operators discover predictability and stability to better understand key metrics like LOS (length of stay). Our analysis can also be customized to properly track digital marketing channels to tenant move-ins so you can prove and realize a return on your marketing and technology investments.

Allow Linkmedia 360 to Integrate Your Website, Marketing and Analytics

Despite competitive threats, one certainty remains: self-storage marketing teams that stay proactive remain competitive today and will reap the rewards of tomorrow. For questions regarding our SiteLink/StorEDGE integration capabilities, contact our team. We’ll be more than happy to help your operation surpass the goals that matter most with a customized solution.

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