Linkmedia 360 Takes 1st Place in LSA18 Ad-to-Action Awards for Best Local Search Campaign!

It’s official! Earlier today, in an auditorium packed full of hopeful Local Search Association (LSA) attendees, Linkmedia 360 took its place among the 2018 1st place Ad-to-Action Award winners in the ‘Best Local Search Campaign’ category. This is a testament to our deep client collaboration and proven expertise in Occupancy Marketing.

Accepting the award for Best Local Search Campaign are managing partners Dave Wolf and Chad Luckie. But how did the Linkmedia 360 team become nominated? Check out our submission video below:

Our team was honored by the nomination and feels even more honored to have won! If one fact is certain in today’s competitive business landscape, it’s that a strategic, hyper-local focus is crucial for businesses to succeed.

Behind the ‘Best Local Search Campaign’ Win: LSA Chicago 2018 Ad-to-Action Awards

The competition in this year’s Ad-to-Action Awards was intense – with over 90 entries in 12 diverse categories. The finalists in each category represent and highlight innovation in the local marketing and advertising space. The esteemed panel of judges are industry experts from Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, MailChimp, Digiday, Microsoft, Toyota, and Facebook.

To achieve this prestigious recognition, Linkmedia 360 collaborated with StorageMart to create a holistic, data-driven, and hyper-local campaign in which specific markets were prioritized by first-party occupancy data. Once defined, tactics ranging from paid search, local SEO, content marketing, and more were implemented concurrently to drive results where the business most needed them at any given time.

Local SEO, and hyper-local solutions themselves aren’t easily won with a bevy of competitors to consider. Chad Luckie, managing partner, speaks to how local results are possible in today’s competitive environment.

“The most effective local marketing campaigns start with a clear objective, a commitment to collaboration, and a holistic approach.”

What’s next After Winning Best Local Search Campaign at LSA Chicago 2018? A trip to Disney World?

While the team is enjoying its well-earned win, after LSA Chicago 2018 wraps, we’ll return to the office to drive the award-winning results our client partners expect.

If anyone can speak to this year’s Ad-to-Action Awards submissions and the state of local marketing, it’s none other than LSA President Neg Norton. “As more and more realize the power of local marketing tactics and technologies, the caliber of entries for our award program continues to improve.”

Our team will continue harnessing and innovating the power of hyper-local marketing and location-based marketing tactics to further the industry, and drive results. But of course, if your team has any questions for us regarding the Ad-to-Action Awards, LSA Chicago 2018, or how we can help your team, contact us. We’ll be happy to help. Your team can also check out LSA Insider’s blog, as they provide LSA 18 updates. Until next time, Chicago!

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