Local PPC for Self Storage Companies

Digital Marketing Low Hanging Fruit: Part 2

In last week’s installment, we began by asking self storage companies a simple question: “Are you getting the most out of your local traffic?”

The answer to this question ultimately boils down to three digital marketing disciplines. Last week, we addressed the first of these in our blog post titled, “Local SEO Tips for Self Storage.”

This week is dedicated to igniting your Local pay per click (PPC) strategy. To help you get fired up, I’ve provided four local PPC tips for self storage companies. Let’s grab that low hanging fruit and help drive occupancy!

What is Local PPC for Self Storage?

PPC advertising is a method of advertising where brands bid money for specific keywords that appear in the ad copy. Usually PPC ads appear above the fold of a search engine results page (SERP) but they can sometimes show up in other prominent locations. A PPC ad will retain its placement for the allotted time you’ve purchased the keywords.

This differs from your organic SERP rankings which will only change as a result of your optimizations or the optimizations of competitors ranking for the same terms. This is why PPC ads are great for racking up quick wins while your organic SEO builds momentum.

How Can Self Storage Companies Use Local PPC?

Laptop computer showing a PPC graphic

Since Google serves its users a blended rank comprising of paid, organic, and map-pack breakouts, it only makes sense to invest in a PPC strategy while you’re working on improving your organic ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Mobile search has officially surpassed desktop usage, so this marks a huge opportunity for your facility to be found by users actively searching on smart phones and tablets.

But, before you rush off to start buying up your Google AdWords, make sure to consider the following:

  • PPC ads are “pay-to-play:” This means that once your PPC budget becomes extinguished, so too will your ads
  • PPC ads appear first: On the SERP, your paid ads will usually display first above the organic results, providing a huge boost to local traffic
  • PPC ads are customizable: That means you’re in control of what information users see

4 Local PPC Tips for Self Storage Companies

1.) Analyze Those Keywords!

When creating an AdWords campaign, make sure to build a strong keyword list. Think about your storage facility’s location, competition and commonly used queries or phrases that users search for.

Keep in mind, you’re bidding on keywords like everyone else (including your competition). So the more generic the keyword, the more expensive it will be to “own.” Wondering where to start? This article from storage.com, Google Adwords Tips for Self Storage Facilities, offers a great jumping-off point. One piece of advice: Start your keyword list out small and expand gradually. Over time, your PPC keyword list will provide insight into what’s working and can be incorporated into your ongoing SEO strategy.

Don’t forget to go hyper-local with your keywords to help increase visibility with your nearby customers. To learn more about what it means to go “hyper-local” check out our blog post, Hyper Local Keyword Research for Self Storage companies.

2.) Set your AdWords Spend

As I mentioned above, when you’re bidding on keywords phrases to target, you’ll be competing with everyone else. That not only means your local competition, but national competitors as well. You don’t want to waste that precious ad budget by targeting keywords that won’t be relevant to your local customer. Here’s what to do:

Make sure your copy reflects that local customer who is in your immediate geographic area. Setting a dedicated budget and duration of a campaign will help your internal team or agency of record determine the effectiveness of a PPC strategy.

3.) Location, Location, Location!

For the love of ROI, utilize location extensions! They’ll be your best friend when setting up your PPC ad. Make sure to include your correct address, phone number, operating hours, and any additional information useful to your local customer.

You should also set up call extensions with a forwarding number so you can track the number of calls converting to sales. This will be especially useful for users searching for your self-storage facility from their phones. Ready for more advanced local PPC techniques?

4.) Rumor Today, Algorithm Update Tomorrow

It may seem difficult to keep current with the myriad of algorithm updates affecting the SEO community, let alone stay ahead of the game. Capitalizing on algorithm updates before your competition will give you an advantage and will help you acquire and convert more of the customers who matter to you. Here are a couple updates in PPC you can utilize NOW.

  • Self Storage Facilities and the Google AdWords Price Extension – Linkmedia 360’s own Brendan Bowers walks you through a recent algorithm update set to make your local PPC ad copy more engaging and relevant
  • Shortcuts in Search – This new feature is currently on the Google App, and essentially provides more of an open-ended search experience for users. How PPC will eventually become integrated is anyone’s educated guess at this point

Search engines are constantly refining their algorithms to better fit the needs of users, and will only continue to evolve as time goes on. Partnering with the right agency can help your self-storage facility capitalize on these trends before your competition. The quicker your self-storage facility can adapt to these updates, the more likely you’ll be to snag that local customer.

Get Ready for the Exciting Conclusion of Local Low-Hanging Fruit!

Stick around next week when we explore the occupancy-boosting opportunities of local listings for self storage companies. Want to start driving local traffic to your website now? You’re just a phone call or contact form away!

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