Local Search and SEO Tool Upgrades FTW!

Our local search and SEO teams work to ensure that our clients not only have access to and use the best tools and technologies in digital marketing, but that we stay up-to-speed on trends and changes that may affect our strategies and efforts. This week here at Linkmedia 360, we saw a couple of upgrade and feature announcements that should have a very positive impact on our ability to maintain an edge for our clients in the hyper-competitive world of local search.

BrightLocal Introduces Facebook Data Within the Dashboard

BrightLocal Facebook Data
Image courtesy of BrightLocal

How We’ll Leverage It

No longer simply a social networking site, Facebook has really made it a point to grow its presence in the local market and now directly competes with the reigning first place Google and a charging third-place Apple where people leave reviews, check-in, get information, and engage with brands. The benefit of having it appear in the BrightLocal dashboard is having the ability to keep track of how our clients’ local Facebook pages are performing.

This will allow our listing management and search experience experts to quickly and efficiently review:

  • Post reach
  • Engaged users
  • Likes
  • Checkins
  • Page views, and
  • Clicks

Future Implications

As social media sites evolve to become more and more comparable to search engine giants, brands looking to strengthen their local search games will need to pay more attention than ever to the places where consumers are digitally gathering, posting, sharing, and liking (or disliking). Individual location pages will need frequently updated content, an engaged and savvy social manager, and highly accurate information – from the address, to hours of operation, to points of contact.

To learn more, check out the full list of features and benefits from BrightLocal.

Next Level Duplicate Management with Moz Local

Moz Local recently released an upgrade that streamlines a number of aspects of duplicate management, an essential component of competing for a high ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Image courtesy of Moz
Image courtesy of Moz

How We’ll Leverage It

This upgrade will allow us to run faster and jump higher. No, wait, that’s PF Flyers. It will, however, allow us to be faster for our clients in terms of improved dashboard views, an overhauled de-duping workflow, and enhanced management capabilities. Quickly finding, addressing, and eliminating duplicates will provide us with the ability to take action now that will exist as a long-term solution into the future.

Future Implications

Moz Local continues to move in the direction of transparency and access to historical data. With greater visibility into listing management, search engine optimizers will be able to provide deeper insights and better recommendations on how to be a leader in local search.

To learn more, check out the full list of features and benefits from Moz.

Tools such as BrightLocal and Moz allow us to be more efficient, thereby facilitating our ability to spot and act on opportunities faster. To learn more about our local search experience and listing management solutions, drop us a line.

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