Mike Ostrom Says……

With Linkmedia 360’s next webinar, “PPC and Mobile Search in the new Google “Instant” world” coming up on October 26, 2010, we asked Mike Ostrom to share some of his thoughts about the ever revolving world of Search Engine Marketing. Mike wanted to share two points which he will discuss during the webinar:

Deep Linking-

“I read an article  that stated only 13% of all Pay Per Click programs are deep linked. Seeing as how proper deep linking significantly increases your conversion rate, that’s shocking…only 13%! Lesson: Deep Link, Deep Link, Deep Link.”

Google Instant-

 “Are you noticing that match types, as well as having misspelled keywords as part of your campaign is especially important in the new “Google Instant” world? I rarely get through typing my entire search, before a qualified prospect comes up. Just for grins I’ll keep typing in the rest of the keyword to see how search changes and often times I’ll see equally qualified companies make it to the first page, but unfortunately late to the party. I’ve would have already made my buying decision.”
We are really looking forward to learning more about both of these topics during our webinar on Tuesday, October 26, 2010!

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