Your Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living has Arrived

In the past year, has your organization experienced rising costs for paid media, lengthy sales cycles, difficulty in tracking and attributing return on investment and/or had leads go dark for no discernable reason?

The challenges above are prevalent to marketing and sales teams in the senior living industry.

How do senior living leaders combat and overcome them?

Through a marketing automation investment tailored to today’s needs that adapts as challenges evolve. As organizations progress in the digital marketing maturity curve, its needs will grow increasingly complex and sophisticated, making marketing automation an indispensable asset.

Organizations that effectively implement marketing automation, benefiting from marketing at scale, have measured transformative results.

  • Increased sales productivity of 14.5% or more via activity triggers, follow-up reminders in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management platform), etc.
  • Personalized messaging in emails, content, social media posts, etc.
  • Improved reporting/attribution and KPI tracking capabilities providing insight into engagement, results, prospect sentiment, etc.

…and more. That said, senior living organizations that have not invested in marketing automation or are looking to advance the capabilities of an automation investment may be feeling stagnant.

To alleviate this, the in-depth ‘Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living’ was created, with extensive collaboration from Enquire. Before your senior living organization downloads this helpful resource, let’s prep your senior living marketing and sales team for what it can expect to learn and gain from the Guide.

Continue reading to learn:

  • The sections covered in the ‘Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living’, also listed below
  • How your senior living organization can learn additional insight on scaling its automation strategy

A Sneak Peek at the Table of Contents

While the Guide created in collaboration with Enquire isn’t quite as dense and lengthy a tome as ‘Infinite Jest’ or ‘Moby-Dick’, it’s still helpful to know what you’re getting into. Here’s an at-a-glance look at the Table of Contents, so your team can flip to the section(s) that matter most:

Section #1: Needs Recognition:

  • Categories to Assess a Marketing Automation Investment
  • What Marketing Automation is Not

Section #2: Solutions that Marketing Automation Provides:

  • Primary Marketing Automation Solutions

Section #3: Strategies for Marketing Automation:

  • Strategic Considerations for Marketing Automation
  • Stages in the Resident Journey

Section #4: Implementing Marketing Automation:

  • How Marketing Automation is Scaled

Section #5: Mapping Marketing Automation:

  • Email Marketing Automation Workflow

Section #6: Client Use Case:

  • Marketing Automation Success Stories

The Guide runs the gamut of initial investment considerations to providing the components in an expert level marketing automation strategy with all the ‘bells and whistles’. The methodology was to combine the latest insights and data from Enquire’s 2018 | 2019 Annual Senior Housing and Post-Acute Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report with expert consultation that condenses years of best practices from successful automation programs into an accessible document designed to impact entry level marketers to seasoned VPs of Marketing and above.

By delivering on this premise, the Guide is an indispensable resource for senior living organizations for years to come. Download your copy and begin (or scale) your marketing automation platform with confidence.

Automate to Dominate Your Sales and Marketing Goals in 2020

With the right marketing automation platform in place, senior living providers can collaborate deeper and accomplish more. We hope the ‘Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living’ assists your organization toward that goal as it prepares to make 2020 a watershed year. If questions arise after claiming your copy of the Guide, contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help where we can.

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