New Webinar! Linkmedia 360 presents “The Constant Evolution of Social Media”

Webinar presenters: Debbie Lamb, Renae Dabney and Patti Spirko
Linkmedia 360’s webinar presenters: Debbie Lamb, Renae Dabney and Patti Spirko

Social media is a constantly evolving marketing tool! New social media platforms come and go in a blink of an eye! In just the 8 months since we had our last webinar about social media, Pinterest has exploded to be the fastest growing social media platform in history. The top two social media sites are still Facebook & Twitter, but Pinterest is quickly gaining users. Currently, 1 in 3 small businesses are using social media in their marketing mix! Brands are reaching out to their fans in increasing numbers across all the social media platforms. Renae Dabney, Debbie Lamb and Patti Spirko from Linkmedia 360 will once again delve into the world of social media, changes to Facebook, new social media platforms and paid advertising possibilities on Thursday, May 10th at 2pm. Please join us for “The Constant Evolution of Social Media”!

Some discussion points for the webinar include:

  • How to build a stronger fan community on your social media platforms
  • Changes to Facebook business pages timeline
  • Should your business be on Google + or Pinterest?
  • Where you can pull analytical data from the social media platforms
  • How paid advertising on Facebook & Twitter can help increase your brand awareness

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