Marketing Technology Solutions During Covid-19: How to use a Notification Bar on your Senior Living Community Website

As a result of Covid-19, senior living communities are searching for methods to effectively engage with prospective residents and ACIs. One of the ways senior living marketing teams have adapted to this new normal is by investing more in marketing technology…also known as MarTech.

MarTech is the intersection where marketing and technology meet. This series of MarTech solutions for senior living explores how to incorporate MarTech into your sales and marketing workflows to keep your sales funnel active with prospective residents.

Today, the focus is on notification bars, and how they contribute to converting website visitors and communicating important updates. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of what a notification bar is, and how it relates to senior living marketing
  • Where to apply a notification bar on your website to maximize its effectiveness
  • How your senior living community can learn additional ways to leverage your notification bar

What is a Notification Bar?

A notification bar is an asset placed on prominent pages to call attention to key information. Typically, notification bars are linked to a landing page or blog post on a website. Notification bars are an on-site tactic that can be used to communicate multiple updates or encourage a click without disrupting the site experience for visitors.

Below is an example of a notification bar that is used to drive traffic to the community’s response to Covid-19.

How to Utilize Your Notification Bar to Maximize its Effectiveness

During Covid-19, the intent behind a notification bar could be to provide site visitors helpful resources and additional information, similar to the example above. Since site visitors will likely be interested to know what precautions your community is taking, incorporating a notification bar related to Covid-19 could be a useful way to help visitors learn while navigating your website.

Because notification bars can be utilized on multiple pages of your website, additional applications include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Copy to encourage visitors to enter their email address to receive updates related to Covid-19
  • Reminders for site visitors to subscribe to your blog (on relevant pieces of content and landing pages)
  • Updates if your community is currently accepting move-ins
  • Offers for upcoming events or webinars
  • A call-to-action (CTA) promoting premium pieces of content prospective residents or ACIs might be interested in (such as a move-in guide or a downloadable infographic)
  • Messaging that confirms how your website is collecting user data (this could be GDPR compliance or if your website uses cookies with an opt-out option)

HelloBar is a user-friendly notification bar that our team recommends due to how easy it is to create and customize unique notifications. Additionally, the data it provides on how site traffic is clicking and engaging with the copy and/or offer helps senior living marketing teams determine which offer is the most effective. Your community could also consider other plugins. Keep in mind, your team will need to factor in cost, ease of use, and analytics reporting.

Leverage Notification Bars with our Senior Living Marketing Experts

There are numerous use cases and applications for notification bars that providers can utilize. If your community notices that its notification bar isn’t driving conversions, or if your team finds itself struggling to find new ways to utilize its notification bar, contact us. Our team will be happy to share how we have helped providers leverage their notification bars to engage with site visitors during Covid-19.

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