Online Reputation Management-It’s More Important Than You Think!

Dave Wolf, Managing Partner of Linkmedia 360
Dave Wolf, Managing Partner of Linkmedia 360

With the increasing popularity of Social Media, online reviews have become a major component of local search. These reviews have become a challenge to businesses. Online Reputation Management is becoming a major topic of discussion for marketers. Join Linkmedia 360 for a discussion on this extremely timely topic!

Key points that will be discussed during this informative webinar:

  1. How do different online directories and search engines use local reviews?
  2. Why are online reviews and comments critically important in local search and consumer shopping behavior?
  3. What are the challenges and opportunities that online reviews and comments pose to businesses and brands?
  4. What are the different ways to manage and approach online reviews and comments?

Join Linkmedia 360 for an informative webcast presented by Dave Wolf, managing partner of Linkmedia 360.Register today!

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