2 Opportunities Your Senior Living Community may be Missing in Google Analytics Conversion Reports

Have you run a marathon before? If you have or haven’t, we all know you don’t just dust off your running shoes the morning of the race and expect to be competitive (or even finish).
Marathon runners first seek advice from their primary physician to prepare, and steadily train for at least 18 weeks to build their base mileage. All throughout their training and preparation, marathon runners consistently track their progress toward their goal.

In many ways, senior living marketing is like running a marathon. There’s an ambitious end-goal, i.e. increasing IL or MC occupancy by four percent by the end of year, and it takes a long time to see if that goal was reached. But, unlike marathon running, many senior living marketing practitioners haven’t developed consistent tracking habits to ensure goals are reached in Google Analytics.

Specifically, there’s a consistency gap in Google Analytics conversion tracking.

Google Analytics conversion reports are densely packed with insights that are crucial to your community’s occupancy success. Though, knowing where to look and how to configure conversion reports to your specific goals may be the first challenge your team encounters.

In this post, we’re sharing two opportunities your senior living marketing team may be missing in Google Analytics conversion reports. You’ll learn:

  • Two opportunities in Google Analytics Conversion Reports to use the platform to gain a deeper understanding of website traffic
  • Solutions and steps that your senior living marketing team or agency partner will need to take to maximize its use of Google Analytics conversion reports

Track Goals and Improve Resident Occupancy with Google Analytics Conversion Reports

Common Problem #1 – Not Using Google Analytics Conversion Reports to Begin With:

This is as about as obvious a problem to point out as IT support asking if you’ve tried unplugging your computer and plugging it back in after a troubleshooting call. That said, when is the last time your senior living marketing team checked google analytics conversion reports?

If your community isn’t regularly using google analytics conversion tracking, it isn’t getting the full use out of the platform.

Why it Matters:

Google Analytics conversion reports allow senior living communities to track and monitor their end goals across broader business objectives. By consistently logging in and checking conversion reports, your community will be able to correlate the activity happening on your website and attribute that activity to the page, form, and even channel that drove that successful activity.

What Your Senior Living Marketing Team Can Do:

First, your team will want to identify pages on your website that are designed to convert site traffic (landing pages, pages with prominent forms and pages where your phone number is prominent). Then, log into Google Analytics and create a goal for each page your community is interested in tracking in conversion reports. Each page your senior living community tracks will be numbered in ascending order. So, put the most important pages toward the top of your listed goals in conversion reports.

For example, a goal your community could track would be the amount of site visitors reaching a ‘Thank You’ page. In this instance, that site visitor likely filled out a form, downloaded a premium content asset, or contacted your community.

In any case, the goals your senior living marketing team tracks in conversion reports can (and should) be specific to the goals your C-suite has outlined. Alternatively, the goals tracked in conversion reports can be specific to your unique community location. Any onsite action your community wants a visitor to take qualifies as a goal worthy of google analytics conversion report tracking.

Second, your senior living marketing team will want to begin reviewing its goals in conversion reports on a regular basis. Conversion reports, like acquisition and behavior reports have breakouts for day, week, and year so your team can gain a better understanding of trends and can compare data from the previous calendar year.

Common Problem #2 – Not Using Multi-Channel Funnels Enough in Conversion Reports:

Residents and ACI’s tend to browse several senior living community websites when initially gathering information and resources. Each step, each click, each stage in the resident journey is important for your senior living marketing team to understand. Google analytics conversion reports, especially multi-channel funnels, helps your team understand the non-linear path a resident often takes before deciding on their desired community.

Why it Matters:

The multi-funnel reports section is one of the few areas in Google Analytics that allows your senior living marketing team to see site behavior on an aggregate scale. Meaning, your team can track the site behavior not just for single visits, but across multiple visits. Your community can gain insight into overall user behavior instead of insights into individual site user impact.

Specifically, this section allows you to see the people who converted on your site. If it took them multiple visits before converting, you can see what specific channel helped assist that final conversion. It allows you to get a deeper picture of the channel attribution.

What Your Senior Living Marketing Team Can Do:

Your community should set up multi-channel funnel reports. That way, your senior living marketing team can begin receiving insights from the data in Google Analytics conversion reports. It can then use those insights to gain an understanding of the broader picture of user activity on your site, which impacts your occupancy levels.

Has your Senior Living Marketing Team Converted to Regularly Using Google Analytics Conversion Reports?

Remember; marathons aren’t completed by waking up and showing up the day of the race. We’ve helped senior living providers accomplish broader goals, by getting granular insights to fuel the resident journey. Call us when your community is ready. We’ll help you place (and win) in the marathon you’re running.

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