3 Categories of Optimization to Improve Your Self Storage Website

Remember the last checkup you had with your primary care physician? The one where they proclaimed you’re the model of perfect health and that all future checkups are unnecessary?

Though we wish that were the case, we know routine checkups are crucial to maintaining long-term health.

Your website is no different.

Optimizations are required for the long-term health and visibility of your website. A healthy self storage website is one that ranks in search engines, converts prospective renters, and is frequently linked to by other sites on the internet due to its website authority.

In this post, we’re covering the primary optimization types, so your self storage marketing team can correctly categorize the optimizations it makes to its site. You’ll learn:

  • The three categories of optimizations your self storage marketing team should know to prioritize efforts in an optimization strategy

Three Main Categories of Website Optimizations

Chalk it up to the trifecta, the rule of three, or ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ – but three is the magic number of categories an optimization strategy focuses on. Let’s quickly cover each type of optimization your self storage marketing team will encounter:

1.) Technical Optimizations – Technical optimizations make it possible for search engines like Google to crawl and access your website, which has a direct correlation to your placement on search engine results pages (SERP). Have you ever clicked on a website and were instantly redirected to a newer, up-to-date version of the website? The 301 redirect in the previous sentence is an example of a technical optimization in action.

2.) On-Page Optimizations – Also called on-page SEO. On-Page optimizations include strengthening the content and keyword offerings specific to your storage facility’s website. Among the types of optimizations your facility will perform in its optimization strategy, On-Page is the category your facility has the most control over.

3.) Off-Site Optimizations – Or, what does the rest of the internet think of my storage facility’s website? Off-site optimizations, or off-site SEO, is the practice of building a diversified backlink profile. Off-site optimizations give your storage facility the opportunity to have outside audiences discover your site’s content, find it credible enough to link out to, which builds your backlink profile.

Self Storage Websites Need an Effective Optimization Strategy

Technical, on-page and off-site optimizations are the mind, body and soul of healthy, functional websites. You may see the value of an optimized website, but now you understand the specific categories optimizations fall under. That understanding will help your self storage marketing team correctly categorize optimizations to prioritize your efforts for maximum impact.

In two weeks, we’ll provide six optimizations your facility can implement, based on the categories covered in this blog post. Until then, contact our team. We can help your self storage marketing team identify the optimizations that will drive the most impact for your facility. Optimize onward!

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