How to Turn COVID-19 Related Challenges Into Opportunity With Facebook

One channel senior living communities can leverage to address the unique challenges posed by COVID-19 is Facebook. Continue reading to learn the opportunities Facebook advertising offers senior living marketing teams as they look to widen their inquiry net to capture market demand and engagement from prospects.

Widening the Inquiry Net With Facebook

It’s imperative to remind senior living marketing teams that Facebook bidding functions as an auction and boils down to supply and demand. Currently, there is shrinking search demand for intent-focused keywords such as “independent living” and “memory care.”

Independent Living Search Trend on Google Trends
The recent search trend for the phrase “independent living.” Source: Google Trends

Below are CPM (cost per thousand) cost trends in global markets, which has continued to trend downwards. There are numerous reasons to recommend layering Facebook on top of existing paid search budgets to counteract shrinking search demand. Fewer advertisers vying for attention on Facebook equates to cheaper inventory and the ability to drive a favorable cost-per-lead.

Facebook is an increasingly efficient buy that generates high usage among seniors and is used by 79% of adult child influencers (ACIs).

Using Facebook Objectives

It’s worth remembering:

  • Independent living sales cycles can take 12 months or longer. By the time someone conducts an informational search for a community, the pandemic will (hopefully) be far behind us.
  • Needs-based services such as assisted living or skilled nursing may require immediate action from residents and ACIs, despite the current environment.

Which is to say, different people will be in varying stages of the decision process.

Within Facebook advertising, your senior living marketing team can set up campaigns based on different objectives that include: Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion. This combination of options lets you serve relevant and timely messaging to prospects and enables your marketing team to capitalize on opportunity and demand.

Awareness Campaigns: Top of Funnel (TOF)

For example, if you want to target seniors considering independent living, it makes sense to set up Awareness campaigns.

Consideration Campaigns: Middle of Funnel (MOF)

If you’re targeting someone in a needs-based category and are still accepting move-ins, execute a consideration objective that includes a callout for a virtual tour.

Conversion Campaigns: Bottom of Funnel (BOF)

Lastly, if you’re trying to recruit new team members, set up a conversion objective with strong calls to action (CTAs) and links to your application program.

Let’s Act Together Using Facebook Advertising

Empathy is key to success with any campaign, especially now. Tailoring your message to people based on where they are in the resident journey will allow your messaging to resonate with leads.

Facebook Ads Manager is an intuitive tool that walks you through the set-up process including:

  • Configuring your ads (including the use of Special Ads audiences)
  • Setting up daily budgets

…and many other campaign variables. As always, should you have any questions about how to set up your Facebook campaigns, our team is happy to help.


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