Pay Per Call Advertising

What is a phone call worth to your business?  The answer should be: EVERYTHING.  While Yellow Pages advertising remains a viable advertising solution for many national businesses, some do not want to pay up-front for their advertising placement not knowing what the results will be. Thus, the Pay-Per-Call advertising model has been developed and being used by many publishers across the country.

How does the Pay- Per- Call advertising model work? The advertiser agrees to pay a certain amount of money per phone call or “billable event”.  The publisher will determine how long the phone call should be to be considered a “billable event”: 30 seconds? 45 seconds? 60 seconds?  Next, the publisher and the client will discuss the Yellow Page headings the business is eligible for.  Once these terms are agreed to by all parties, artwork is then created & approved by the client and then placed in all Yellow Pages directories included in the agreement.   Call tracking numbers are placed in the advertising to track the phone calls directly from the ad, monthly reporting is created for the client, and then the client is billed according to the terms of the contract.

So why does pay per call work? To sum it up:

  • It is performance based.
  • It is results driven.  You only pay for qualified calls.
  • It is easy to calculate the return on your investment.   How much is a new customer worth to your business?  And how good are you at converting a phone call to a sale?
  • And finally, pricing by category. The publishers recognize that not all new customers are the same for all businesses.


To learn more about Pay-Per-Call advertising and whether your business qualifies, contact Linkmedia 360 at 877-843-1091.


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