What’s Most Important in Data Science for Senior Living: People, Process or Technology?

It’s likely your executive director has articulated the phrase ‘People, Process and Technology’ (PPT). Just perform a quick Google search and you’ll find results preaching that it’s the ‘Golden Triangle’ and that PPT is a key input for any modern, thriving organization.

The question becomes: Can a senior living organization survive, compete, and prosper without all three of these boxes being checked? And, if not, is one more important than another for success in 2019?

Let’s provide context. Today, we’re breaking down what’s more important to senior living providers: Your People, Your Process, or Technology. Continue reading to learn:

  • Defining ‘People, Process, and Technology’ for senior living providers
  • A scenario of People and Process in an organization without Technology
  • A scenario of People and Technology without a Process
  • A scenario of a Process and Technology without People

People, Process or Technology: Defined

People — The individuals, creative and team members committed to accomplishing organizational goals

Process – The model that follows business rules and workflows to ensure efficiency and repeatability

Technology – An identified vehicle used to help organizations with productivity and provide business intelligence and insights

What’s People and a Process Without Leveraging Technology?

Before technology achieved mass adoption, manual data entry, physical record keeping and hand-written sales files organized in folders were the standard operating model for senior living organizations. In 2019, if your community has the right mix of people and a repeatable process, progress can be achieved; but it would be accomplished SLOWLY. This ultimately leads to a lot of inefficiencies.

For example, imagine if your senior living marketing team had to perform daily tasks by hand without the assistance of a computer, EMA platform and CRM. With the advancements in technology, teams can automate tasks and work smarter instead of harder. So, considering PPT, having the mix of people and a process without technology isn’t ideal in 2019.

What’s People and Technology Without a Defined Process?

Familiar with the expression ‘the process will set you free’?

Senior living providers with a dedicated team leveraging technology without a process in place can glean insights to assist an organization. However; there’s no repeatability without a standardized process in place. Theoretically, a senior living marketing team looking to leverage existing datasets without a process in place could conduct the same test and would likely receive a different result each time.

While technology allows for time-saving efficiencies, it won’t truly solve any problems without a framework and plan in place.

What’s a Defined Process that Leverages Technology Without People?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is creating exciting opportunities for senior living providers, but nothing can truly replace the human element. Automation isn’t a solution. Left alone, automation will only amplify existing problems. The ability to think critically to identify and interpret underlying problems within datasets is an area even the most sophisticated technology currently falls short.

Humans can cleanse inconsistent and/or unreliable data points to make informed decisions. Whereas with automation without people, there’s a fair chance inaccurate data would be used to inform decisions that impact an organization.

Contact Us to Learn How to Integrate Your People, Process and Technology

Modern senior living organizations will need to assemble the right people, develop a consistent process and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage in 2019. If your organization feels as if its PPT are off balance, contact us. We’ll help your organization make the necessary integrations to maximize all three to your benefit.

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