2 Tips to Capture Slice of Life & Search Intent for Your SLC With Photos

Charles Eames famously said, “recognizing the need is the primary condition of design.” While your senior living marketing team is more concerned with meeting occupancy goals than designing ergonomically-perfect furniture, the same principle applies.

Whether you recognize the need or not, incorporating compelling visuals into your senior living marketing will help your community differentiate itself from other SLC’s while helping accomplish larger business objectives.

Unique photos capturing your residents zest for life aids effective marketing collateral, and photo SEO puts those unique moments on a pedestal for your community when prospective residents are researching living options.

Photo SEO supports those efforts, while giving your senior living community opportunities to be discovered for search queries outside the norm.

You may now understand how aesthetically-pleasing photos contributes to effective marketing collateral and your community’s success but are cognizant of the constraints on your time. What to do? In this post, we’ve outlined a couple tips for non-photographers looking to create effective marketing collateral that accomplishes business objectives. Read on to learn:

  • 2 Tips to improve your senior living community’s visuals for more effective marketing collateral and photo SEO purposes

Stand Out so Residents Fit in: 2 Tips to Improving Visual Appeal & Visibility With Photo SEO

Let’s face it: with so many providers vying for senior’s limited attention, it can be difficult to cut through the proverbial clutter. Though the solution to this oversaturation of senior living marketing messages may be simpler than you think. Implement these two proposed tips to give your marketing collateral some needed authenticity and visibility, using both branding and photo SEO best practices.

Tip #1: Use Original Photos of Your Actual Residents in Your Marketing Collateral as Often as Possible, and Make Sure Those Photos Are Branded – This tip is easier said than done, but truly capturing the slice of life at your community and of your community’s real residents will come across as more genuine than stock imagery alone. To effectively implement this, look to have a dedicated photographer – either a professional that’s affordable or a staff member with a professional camera – snap candid photos at events and during tours.

The cake cutting of a resident’s birthday? The end of a turkey day fun run? A prospective resident and ACI during a tour? Seniors holding poses during yoga class? All are potential fodder for effective marketing collateral, and the opportunities are endless once your team thinks visually and snaps a picture when the opportunity presents itself. The point is, capture the unique outings and daily experiences of your residents. The more photos, and more original photos to choose from the better.

Of course, your team must get the express permission from the people in these photos if you want to use them for senior living marketing purposes. Once your team has done this, it can then incorporate your community’s unique branding onto the image. The logo shouldn’t be garish, overshadowing the people, who are the focal point of the photo.

ProTip: try to incorporate your senior living community’s logo onto the bottom right or left-hand side of the photo for content, social, and marketing collateral.

Tip #2: Optimize Your Original Photos for an Added SEO Boost to Your Senior Living Marketing Efforts – Image matters. In fact, a third of all searches on Google are image-related searches. To make your original, branded pictures visible to prospective residents and ACI’s who will help you meet your occupancy goals, implement the following best practices:

  • Choose a file name that accurately describes what’s happening in the photo, with applicable keywords for search relevance
  • Check the image dimensions, and if they’re larger than what’s typically seen on Google, crop & adjust. Also keep photo sizes consistent so your senior living community provides a cohesive experience for visitors, regardless of their entry point (PPC ad, piece of content, clicking through from a social post)
  • Compress original image file sizes so they load quickly on both desktop and mobile without sacrificing image quality. Your senior living marketing team can accomplish this by using a free tool like Optimizilla
  • Have one of your senior living marketing team members test the image by loading it on both mobile and desktop for user experience (UX) purposes

There will always be a delicate balance between speedy loading times and image quality with photo SEO. Try to have both without sacrificing too much on either end. After your team implements the optimizations we recommended and plans for the end user who will ultimately be clicking and interacting with the photo, you’re ready for visual appeal & image visibility success.

Sizzle, Steak, & Senior Living Marketing Success Using Photo SEO

Like we mentioned earlier, incorporating original photos and applying them to your senior living marketing strategy aren’t easily accomplished, but produce incredible results when properly executed. These original photos can then be incorporated into brochures, print ads & digital ads to create effective marketing collateral that also drives results. If your community needs help blending these elements, our team will be happy to help. Contact us, and we’ll work with you to find a cost-effective approach to handling photo SEO, while striking the chord of originality whenever possible. We call that a photo finish.

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