How PPC Ads can Attract and Engage Your Ideal Senior Living Resident

Your community’s next resident could be conducting a search as you’re reading this blog post. Will these ideal residents find your senior living community, or your competition? To mitigate the chances of prospective residents clicking on a competitor’s listing on Google, many senior living providers invest in paid ads to appear in a favorable position on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

This is mainly due to paid results appearing before anything else on the SERP. This prime real estate enhances a community’s visibility and is an effective way to catch the attention of prospective residents.

In addition to a paid ad with a marquee position, compelling copy serves as a vital component to successful paid ads. Seasoned senior living marketing teams will take this approach a step further by injecting specific keywords into ad copy to entice a click or call from prospective residents.

Beyond keyword-centric copy, PPC ads can extend both your community’s reach and real estate to engage with ideal residents. To help senior living marketing teams make the most of its PPC advertising, we’re providing additional context. Continue reading to learn:

  • How PPC ads extend a community’s reach
  • How PPC ads expand ad real estate on Google’s SERP

Two Ways PPC Advertising Extends Marketing Reach

1.) PPC Ads Reduce the Risk of Competitors Bidding on Your Community’s Brand Name:

If your senior living community has a recognizable brand name or is known in a specific area, your competition could use your own brand name for its benefit. Maintaining control over your branded search listings are a must with the rise of conquesting ads. Since your senior living marketing team would be bidding on its own brand name, it will increase the likelihood your competition won’t use your brand name against you.

2.) PPC Ads Push Down Results for Non-Branded Search Results with the Identical Name as the City Your Community Resides in:

Senior living communities located in metropolitan areas or destination locales receive an influx of searches related to the area. These searches can impact your community’s ability to be discovered by your ideal residents who have a need for your levels of care. Your senior living marketing team can push these non-branded searches down in favor of your community name that’s identical to the city its located.

Two Ways PPC Advertising Expands SERP Real Estate

1.) Paid Ads Are Growing Larger, With More SERP Space Being Given to Each Ad:

A compelling reason to prioritize PPC ads in your senior living marketing strategy is the increased space paid ads take on Google’s SERP. The SEO landscape is subject to change at any given time, with zero click search and algorithm updates impacting what Google’s visitors see. With the rise of zero click search, PPC ads enabled with Google ad extensions will be indispensable to convert SERP visitors who might not click through to your website.

2.) Paid Ads Are Growing More Sophisticated and Subtle – Looking Less and Less Like Ads:

Ads have shifted from using obnoxious colors, fonts and styles to being more aesthetically-pleasing and welcoming. If your senior living marketing team couples eye-pleasing PPC ads with Google ad extensions, it will maximize the size of its paid ads, which increases the ability to engage with prospective residents. Though manual effort is required to make this possible, it will result in higher Ad Quality Scores, which will lead to higher placement and prioritization in paid search results.

Contact Our Team to Learn Additional PPC Advertising Tactics

To capture the attention of your ideal residents, your senior living community will need to implement every strategic tactic possible. Luckily, our seasoned team of PPC specialists and paid search experts are here to help. Contact us and we’ll create a customized strategy for your community that engages your ideal residents, while maximizing ROI potential.

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