“PPC and Mobile Search in the new Google “Instant” world” webinar recap

Linkmedia 360 hosted its second free informational webinar entitled “PPC and Mobile Search in the new Google “Instant” world” on Tuesday, October 26, 2010. The webinar was lead once again by Mike Ostrom, our resident Search Engine Marketing guru. Thanks to Mike for his passion and expertise on the very timely topics of deep linking, mobile search, Google “Instant” and tidbits on the Yahoo/Bing merger that is taking place as I type this.

As you can see, Mike discussed many topics during the 35 minute webinar. Key take-aways from the presentation are:

  1. Deep Linking costs nothing, but can bring so many more leads to your website. It can be as easy as having a search go to a specific landing page instead of the home page. Only 13% of marketers are currently using deep linking, so this is a search aspect that has plenty of room to grow.
  2. Mobile search is becoming the “new frontier” for search. For an advertiser on mobile, the cost-per-click is often less than regular search. Having a mobile ready website is a must. Plus, tracking and testing on mobile search is very easy to do.
  3. Google “Instant” is an update that Google made to their platform which went into effect on September 8, 2010. Google will start much sooner sharing results of a search even before you finish typing your query. Keyword buys need to adjusted to work in this new “Instant” world.
  4. The Yahoo/Bing merger is now in the process of being completed. Microsoft Bing’s AdCenter powers the paid search advertisements for both Bing and Yahoo. Early testing is showing that the transition is not working smoothly. Advertisers need to keep an eye on their Bing and Yahoo PPC placements.

Out next webinar, on December 2, 2010, will be a discussion about online display advertising. We hope that you can join us for that webinar!

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