QR Codes: Have you scanned one today?

We have all seen the little box with the bar codes at stores, on products, on outdoor signs (which confuses me, because there is no way to scan QR codes on a billboard sign!) and in newspapers, magazines and the yellow pages. What are these codes used for and are they working? According to a comScore August 2011 article,  over 14 million Americans scanned QR codes just in June 2011 alone! Men who are between 18-34 years old are the most likely to scan QR codes either in newspapers/magazines or on product packaging. While that number is still small if you look at the overall number of smartphones in use, it is growing as more people understand what a QR code is used for. The QR code can be a great marketing tool, because it is so easy to track!

QR codes should lead you back to a mobile friendly landing page for your product. This landing page could be product information coupon or promotional information.  There are companies that are also linking to their social media pages from a QR code. Earlier this year, I was shopping for a new laptop computer at a “Big Box” store. I wasn’t quite ready at the time to buy a laptop, but I wanted to do some research on the product that they had in the store. I used my iPhone scanner to scan the QR codes on a few different computers and saved the information on my phone to compare when I got home. A few months later, I was ready to buy my laptop and I used the information from my earlier trip to help me make my purchasing decision. I personally haven’t scanned a QR code with a coupon yet, but I know that I eventually will.

As a company, you need to make sure that you are creating your QR code correctly and placing it on the correct medium! You do not want to be listed in the “10 Funniest QR Code Fails” list.  Linkmedia 360 can help you create a QR Code campaign!

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