Why Reaching Seniors Online is Critical for Your Resident Acquisition Goals

Seniors are rapidly moving towards digitally connected lives according to new insights released from the Pew Research Center. Need proof? Just consider these two surprising stats:

  • 67% of adults 65+ use the internet
  • 42% own smartphones like the iPhone

The trend lines are consistently moving up and to the right for technology adoption and internet usage by seniors, which raises an important question: How do we prepare our communities for the dynamic growth of digitally savvy seniors and their adult child influencers (ACI)?

The teams from Linkmedia 360 and MatrixCare teamed up on May 23, 2017 to share their insights from the new Pew Research Center data and also work through a checklist for success to get your digital marketing house in order. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it here after registering for free.

Moving Your Community Up the Digital Marketing Maturity Curve: A Checklist for Success

Internet usage and connectedness statistics amongst seniors have certainly gotten most of our attention, yet that does not mean we should scurry off and set up a SnapChat geofilter. The trades and media tend to be focused on chasing bright, shiny (social media) objects…and that’s fine. However, unless your digital marketing plan is built upon a solid, proven foundation, it’s unlikely you’ll recoup your investments in whatever hot, new “thing” is currently trending.

In other words, before we invest in innovative ways to reach the digitally savvy senior, let’s first test our plan against a proven approach and strategy to achieve resident acquisition success. But what does a proven approach look like and how can we measure our progress?

Enter the Digital Marketing Maturity Model

Put simply, the Digital Marketing Maturity Model is a tool senior living communities can use to evaluate their current position within the digital marketing spectrum.

Levels of the Digital Marketing Maturity Model

  1. Classical
  2. Foundational
  3. Practitioner
  4. Advanced

To help us make progress up the Digital Marketing Maturity Model, we’ve built a digital marketing checklist to ensure your success. Over a series of three webinars (the first of which is above), we will be sharing tips and best practices from our checklist to help you move from Classic all the way up to the Advanced level.

Webinar One (above) focused on the journey from Classical to Foundational featuring the following checklist items:

Digital Marketing Checklist Items

  1. Mobile-responsive website
  2. Thematic keyword strategy
  3. Personas and resident journey to focus your strategy
  4. Consistent content strategy
  5. Basic measurement
  6. Social media strategy
  7. Resident satisfaction plan

Where Are You on the Digital Marketing Maturity Model?

Are you curious to know your current level? Please contact us and we’ll conduct an audit of your communities’ current digital marketing strategy and present you with a checklist to help you make forward progress.

Also, please be sure to sign up for the second webinar in our series on June 28. In this webinar, we’ll leverage the checklist to discuss the strategy and tactics to move from Foundational to Practitioner levels.

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