The Definitive eBook for Rehab Lead Generation & LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification Arrived!

Last September, a report from The Verge shed light on shady practices in the addiction industry and caught Google’s attention.

The outcome?

Google ended PPC bidding for the entire rehab industry, overnight and without warning. Months later, Facebook followed suit. Paid campaigns that drove qualified leads ready to call admissions staffs were no longer an option, leaving many addiction centers scrambling. Some closed their doors for good.

Additional reports from The Verge and a scathing industry takedown in ‘Last Week Tonight’ have led the charge for change. They’ve reiterated the need for reforms within addiction treatment to end unethical, misleading rehab marketing practices and call center tactics that have led struggling addicts astray.

So, while the actions of Google and Facebook are justifiable and warranted, it spells a time of uncertainty for the treatment industry and how it should conduct rehab marketing practices. Granted, if you’re an addiction rehab marketer or substance abuse practitioner, you’ve likely grappled with the fallout from Google Ads and Facebook Ads restrictions.

With the absence of Google & Facebook Ads, rehab marketers are living the lead generation struggle. You want to help your facility’s bottom-line while providing lifesaving treatment to make a difference in the addiction epidemic. How can both objectives be accomplished now that guaranteed, fast-acting lead generation channels dried up?

Enter long-term, holistic, and sustainable lead generation.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel to be accepted into Google & Facebook Ads again – AFTER applying through the LegitScript addiction treatment certification process, obtaining the LegitScript addiction treatment certification & having that certification verified by Google & Facebook.

So, what do we mean by ‘sustainable’ lead generation? And what is LegitScript?

That’s what our eBook addressing Addiction Center Marketing: Lead Generation & LegitScript answers.

What’s Covered in the 2018 Addiction Center Marketing eBook: Lead Generation & LegitScript?

The good news: rehab marketing channels outside PPC bidding WORK; but meaningful, sustainable results take time.

After downloading your copy of the eBook, your addiction treatment center will learn:

  • Six must-use rehab marketing lead generation channels your treatment center should use in the absence of Google AdWords
  • 18 specific tactics your treatment center can take to maximize the long-term impact of each of the recommended channels
  • A comprehensive breakdown behind Google and Facebook restricting Ads for the drug treatment industry in September 2017 and August 2018
  • A step-by-step infographic detailing what rehabs need to do to receive a LegitScript addiction treatment certification necessary to run paid campaigns on Google and Facebook Ads again

Make Your Rehab Marketing ‘Legit’ & Your Lead Generation Sustainable – Download Your Copy Today!

While the quick wins drug treatment centers became accustomed to on Google & Facebook vanished – like the best illusions, have an opportunity to reappear after receiving a LegitScript addiction treatment certification. There is hope for your addiction treatment center. LegitScript has already approved 100+ drug treatment centers across the U.S.

If your drug rehabilitation facility was ushered in that first wave, congratulations!

For whatever reason, if your rehab wasn’t approved for a LegitScript addiction treatment certification (or has yet to submit its application) still download our eBook. Beyond the LegitScript addiction treatment certification, your rehab marketing team will learn tactics the most successful addiction treatment centers implement to ensure a long-term competitive advantage. Your reputable drug rehab practices don’t need to be harmed by the bad apples in the industry again.

Simply put, there are benefits to downloading this eBook even if your addiction rehab facility believes it has a handle on lead generation. Don’t believe us? Download the eBook and see for yourself. Of course, our team is always open to a dialogue. Contact us with questions, so your rehab can focus less on leads, and more on life-saving treatment.

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