Dr. Cali Estes on Connecting with Addiction Intakes | AMA Episode 1

As an addiction recovery professional, you certainly understand the potential negative consequences when intakes go against medical advice.

How about your addiction treatment center? Does it ever go against marketing advice?

Our guest on this episode of Against Marketing Advice is Dr. Cali Estes.

The AMA Way: Insights Rehab Marketers and Owners Need to Know

Our expert guest today is Dr. Cali Estes. Dr. Cali is a founder, addiction coach, published author, consultant, and marketing strategist for the addiction industry. Her well-rounded expertise helps rehabs solve unique business problems to reach their true potential.

One of the primary insights in this episode of AMA centers around the concept of online bait and switch. Across many industries, a broken promise or unfulfilled obligation is a lost sale. However, in the rehab industry a lost sale could mean a very bad outcome for someone that could have been helped.

If the pictures on your website do not accurately reflect your facility, intakes are prone to walk away untreated.

Your treatment center’s website is of utmost importance to your rehab’s success. Your website is an asset and should be considered an investment. It’s a reflection of the level of care and treatment intakes will expect to receive upon checking into treatment.

Check out your addiction treatment center’s site and ask:

  • Is the website relatable to prospective intakes?
  • Is your clinical program listed on your website?
  • Up-to-date pictures of your staff?
  • Up-to-date pictures of your treatment center?

Things change fast, and having an up-to-date website is essential to providing an online experience that mirrors and reflects your brick and mortar location. If an intake feels dissonance after booking treatment, your center could suffer retention issues.

If your rehab has ever experienced an issue with retention, there’s a strong possibility your intakes felt like they were promised one thing but experienced something else after they began treatment. Bait and switch is real, both online and after treatment begins.

Another anecdote Dr. Estes shares during this episode of AMA is how she helped one of her rehab clients improve intake retention and attrition.

How? By switching out lights to create more welcoming group therapy sessions. Of course, this is an oversimplification. To get the complete context, watch the embedded video above.

What Else? Watch, Learn, and Reach out with Questions

The purpose of AMA: ‘Against Marketing Advice: The Rehab Marketing Show’ is to have a candid and productive dialogue with leaders in the rehab industry. Each episode provides perspectives and insights to improve rehab marketing performance, operational excellence, and profitability in an ethical manner.

In future AMA installments, the team will cover pressing issues and updates in the addiction space. In the meantime, if your team has a question, contact us. We’ll be happy to prevent your rehab from going against marketing advice.

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