Search Marketing Shake-Up

Sage Lewis-Search Marketing Shake-up

Renae Dabney, Joanna Nativio and I were excited to attend the Web Association luncheon earlier this week. The topic was Search Marketing Shake-up. Now, normally, you wouldn’t think that this topic would be a very exciting, but we had a very energetic speaker to keep us all engaged! Sage Lewis, author of “Link Building is Dead, Long Live Link Building” and President of Akron Marketing Agency, SageRock, was the speaker for the luncheon. There have been so many changes for Search ,both paid and organic,  in the past year and Search  Marketing will continue to evolve as the search engines get smarter. In layman’s terms, Sage explained the changes and where Search, especially Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be going in the future.

Here are a few of the key take-aways from his presentation:

  • Search Marketing is all about making content and getting people to link to you- sort of like a popularity contest in high school. You want the “cool kids” to like you and your content.
  • A key focus for better search engine ranking is to have fresh content via your website, blog, social media, webinars and podcasts. Basically, Google loves content marketing! (Link to content marketing blog). The content must be unique and valuable to rank on Google. Do anything creative and be original.
  • It is crucial to have access to Google Webmaster Tools. Google will use these tools to notify you if your website is in an error state or has search issues.
  • There has been a lot of talk about links to/from your website. Understand where you are getting links from and where your links are going out to as well. Natural links are very valuable. Spammy links are not.
  • SEO is not dead. As long as there are search engines, you can optimize for them.
  • Google is moving from an information engine to a knowledge engine with the launch of Google Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph collects relevant data about you when you make a search to bring up results that are more geared towards what you are searching for.
  • Go back to basics with your content for example: Blogs, Forums and think Local Newspapers.
  • Use SEO tools such as Google Webmaster, MOZ and Screaming Frog to see how well your website is doing for search ranking. Use SEO Metrics to track how well your SEO efforts are performing.

Renae and Debbie won copies of Sage’s book just by posting  (and using a hashtag) about the presentation on Twitter! We snagged Sage for a picture and to sign our copies of the book. Thanks Sage! The presentation was very informative and motivated us to keep learning more about search marketing!


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