4 tactics Self-Storage owners can take after Facebook’s News Feed update

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm update signals a shift back to basics for the platform.

So, what happened?

Mark Zuckerberg addressed Facebook’s News Feed algorithm within his official announcement on January 11.

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

As an owner/operator, are these changes positive for your self-storage social media marketing strategy? Short answer: Business owners managing Pages won’t “Like” it.

Facebook updates frequently, but this algorithm change is more substantial. It means marketers and Page admins will have to take proactive action to stay on top of people’s News Feeds’.

Stay Visible with Your Self-Storage Followers

Granted, diminishing returns for organic reach on business Pages isn’t anything new, as self-storage social media marketers can attest to, but brace for an even smaller piece of the pie as the News Feed algorithm update rolls out in the coming months.

Unbox these 4 tactics your self-storage facility can take to win the day, despite shrinking organic reach.

Tactic #1: STOP Asking for “Like’s”

The days of “LIKE our self-storage facility for exclusive offers!” is effectively over.

Facebook has taken a hard stance on the spammy practice of engagement bait. Tactics similar to the example above aren’t promoting quality or meaningful interactions, and therefore will be downgraded in favor of content that encourages an active and engaged audience.

There is a caveat to this, however. Your self-storage facility can encourage users to be “in the know” by following your Page. Be sure to remind users to choose “See First” in their preferences. It’s a no-cost way to ensure your Page is still visible after this update rolls out.

Tactic #2: Create Content that Generates Long Comments, Discussions

Publish posts that encourage comments. The longer, more thought-provoking the discussion becomes, the more likely it is to appear on News Feeds. Your self-storage facility needs to become open to starting an online dialogue with your customers.

This commitment to having time spent on Facebook be time well spent encourages Pages to dig deeper to spark a dialogue with potential customers. As Social Media Examiner points out, Pages posting content promoting meaningful interactions will be the signal your self-storage social media strategy will be rewarded for.

Tactic #3: Leverage Your Local Audience

Since the majority of self-storage customers within a 1 to 3-mile radius of your facility, the algorithm update presents self-storage social media marketers a unique strategic advantage over other industries. Your self-storage facility can leverage this local audience several ways:

  • Create a community group for your self-storage facility: This will connect like-minded people who will build your brand with comments and discussion. The more your self-storage facility can inspire the passion of the community, the stronger the reach will become. Check out some tips courtesy of Hootsuite
  • Update and upload original photos often: Showcase the location of your self-storage facility with high quality photos that capture both the aforementioned facility, but also the local community your facility resides in
  • Post about local issues impacting the immediate geographic area: Is there a local levy, parade, or other milestone affecting the community you serve? Use that as social fodder! Remember, if the content creates comments (and longform comments) your organic reach has a greater likelihood of appearing in organic feeds

Tactic #4: Increase Ad Spend

For the time being, advertising on Facebook is still a hyper-local, cost effective way to reach your prospective tenant. Facebook reach remains massive, both globally and in your trade area. Couple that with the reporting tools Facebook provides make it a viable option to engage with users.

There are some who question Facebook for not disrupting its algorithm to affect ads as a cheap way to drive revenue for itself. It’s too early to tell how ad revenue on Facebook will be impacted, but it’s safe to say that ads are still a reliable way to reach your self-storage customer, in accordance with the other channels your facility strategically targets.

Make Your Self-Storage Facility Socially Acceptable

This update was designed to bring people together, while of course driving revenue. For owners/operators, it’s a matter of making course corrections and adapting to the new-normal to become visible for your self-storage customers.


Is your self-storage facility handling Facebook’s new update well? Sound off with your thoughts. And as always, we’re here to provide insight and context where we can. Contact us and we’ll help your self-storage facility navigate the social seas with messaging aimed to please.

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