Self-Storage Facilities and the Google AdWords Price Extension

As we mentioned in our last post highlighting how the Google AdWords Price Extension update will affect community marketing professionals: mobile search has officially surpassed desktop, and Google continues to refine its algorithms and products to provide a better, more accurate experience for the growing mobile user segment. This latest add-on for PPC text ads will allow self-storage brands to showcase storage unit pricing as well as web specials, climate controlled options, and much more directly beneath the main ad copy.

Because self-storage units aren’t selected based on price alone, marketers and digital brand ambassadors in this vertical need to find unique ways to incorporate PPC into their multichannel marketing strategies. Local search and local targeting plays an important role for self-storage owners based on how far customers are willing to travel to select storage options, and only if properly integrated will this latest update be of any benefit. The following are three ways in which self-storage facility owners can start to think about this latest Google AdWords feature.

1. Capitalize on emerging opportunities on the move

As digital best practices and trends evolve, the moving target of the perfect marketing mix switches speed, direction, and relevancy, but this isn’t always a disadvantage. If Google has determined that pricing is what users want in an engaging mobile experience, look to your audience – the digitally-savvy homeowners, contractors or real estate agencies, for example, for inspiration regarding its needs and what your PPC ads should offer. Think about what consumers require for residential moving, inventory storage, or other requirements of your local real estate agencies.

2. Adjust Your Current AdWords Spend

When your AdWords budget was created, keep in mind that this extension option didn’t exist. For storage locations or units that might not be performing as well as you had hoped, readjust some of your spend to target this particular option. You don’t need to necessarily carve out more budget, simply test the extension for a period of time – then adjust accordingly. This might also be beneficial for a self-storage aggregator to demonstrate ongoing digital optimizations and thought leadership for the owners whose properties you are managing.

3. Organic Optimization Can Help to Even the Playing Field

Based on what we’ve seen for our clients in the self-storage vertical, reservations generated through mobile traffic is currently outpacing desktop traffic roughly 60-40 through the second quarter of 2016. Considering this extension takes up a sizable amount of prime mobile device real estate, if your brand can’t claim the No.1 paid position, the user will only see your content on page one if your digital properties are fully search engine optimized. For this reason, it’s important for your brand to earn the highest possible SERP (search engine results page) position. A thorough keyword analysis, robust content strategy, up to date local listings, and rich meta descriptions will help brands compete with the No.1 ad’s organization. Fortunately, these are all areas in which Linkmedia 360 excels.

If you would like to learn more about SEO, PPC, self-storage and local search marketing, or Linkmedia 360, simply contact us.

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