How to Prepare for Google’s Speed Update: Speed Testing, Tactics & More!

Google makes anywhere between 500-600 algorithm updates a year, but the search giant’s announcement on January 17th in its Webmaster blog impacts the search landscape in a major way. Though Google’s mobile-first algorithm update signaled the future of search, Google’s Speed Update continues that trend, and one that your self-storage marketing team should be preparing for.

While mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic isn’t a new revelation, it does spell the need for your self-storage marketing team to make an emphasis on providing your increasingly mobile, local customer a seamless experience. You want them to become your customer and not your competitions’ after all.

To help prepare your self-storage marketing team for Google’s Speed Update, you’ll learn:

  • Two recommendations for your facility to make improvements to comply with Google’s Speed Update, and future Google algorithm updates impacting consumers

Recommendation #1: Test Your Self-Storage Website’s Speed

Page speed has been a prominent ranking factor with organic SEO and with AdWords Quality Scores, but will now take center stage. Google assessed industry benchmarks in a recently updated Webmaster blog post, and the statistics line up with the behavior of the mobile customer:

  • The probability of a person bouncing from your site raises to 32% if they have to wait between 1 and 3 seconds
  • The probability of a person bouncing from your site raises to 90% if they have to wait between 1 and 5 seconds
  • The probability of a person bouncing from your site raises to 106% if they have to wait between 1 and 6 seconds
  • The probability of a person bouncing from your site raises to 123% if they have to wait between 1 and 10 seconds

What does this tell us? That Page Speed matters to everyone, regardless of the industry. And, your facility must provide customers with a fast and easy checkout and reservation system. To see where your facility’s speed is currently at, enter your URL into Google’s TestMySite Tool.

The TestMySite Tool will provide the following information:

  • Total loading time and the percentage of customers you could lose due to the loading speed
  • A free industry comparison to see where your page speed compares to that of the rest of your industry
  • Recommendations and quick fixes your self-storage marketing team or webmaster can implement to improve page speed
  • Free reports that elaborate on these details

Recommendation #2: Test Your Local Competitors Page Speed to See Where Your Site Stacks Up

There’s a big difference between having an industry benchmark of where your self-storage site should be with page speed and knowing where your site compares to your local competition. Our team recommends entering the URL of several of your competitor’s sites to see how they perform compared to yours.

Your self-storage marketing team could discover that it has work to do. Regular website maintenance is a staple of today’s multi-faceted marketer.

Set Your Facility up for Speedy Success and Continually Optimize for Your Mobile Customer

Your storage customers expect to be able to access unit prices, availability, unit sizes, additional details, and the ability to contact your facility if questions arise at the blink of an eye. If your facility isn’t providing a fast and efficient online experience, they very well may contract with your local competitor.

To set your self-storage marketing team up for success, contact our team of experts. We’ve launched mobile responsive, fast loading, user-friendly websites for client partners, and continue to look for ways to improve customer experiences. Contact us, and we’ll do the same for your facility. We’ll continue to provide Google algorithm updates as they directly pertain to the industry. Until then, take care of your customers mobile experience and they’ll continue to reward you with their business.

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