Digital Marketing Analytics for Senior Living: 4 KPIs You Can’t Ignore

A “typical” September might include traveling to, and presenting at conferences, overseeing census strategy, and trying to exceed the expectations of management in the C-Suite. The hourglass is unrelenting. In many cases, it feels like there’s too much data, not enough time.

This combination of shrinking time and increased responsibilities has left many a VP of Marketing feeling like they are chasing their tails when trying to interpret insights from countless spreadsheets while tying an ROI back to marketing spending. The need to understand data has never been greater, and the Senior Living team at Linkmedia 360 understands the struggle.

That’s why this week we’ve identified 4 essential KPI’s to track in analytics. This will help streamline the time it takes to shuffle between spreadsheets. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of how to determine whether your current marketing investments are performing, so you can be proactive with your strategy. We’re here to help you and your team exceed the expectations of the C-Suite and look like rockstar(s) in your role(s).

If You Aren’t Measuring these Senior Living Marketing Analytics, You’re Flying Blind

1. Inquiry Volume & Type: Does your community know where inquiries are coming from? Begin by segmenting the different marketing channels and track the total number of inquiries your community receives per channel. Does your community track inquiries on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis?

Knowing whether your community receives more phone calls than form submissions (or vice versa) is the first step to prioritizing your team’s outreach to capture lead demand. Learn more about how to influence and convert leads with powerful CTA’s.

2. Cost per Inquiry: How much money on average does it cost your senior living community to generate a phone call or a form submission? Use this data to make educated determinations to tackle lead generation. This data can also make or break the case to management for marketing spend approvals.

3. Traffic Volume & Source: How much traffic is your website driving and where is it coming from? In this instance, go play in traffic. Make sure to recognize which channels are assisting in the conversion process. In some instances, one channel may help your community get discovered, but another channel closes the gap on conversions (e.g. a lead might see an ad in a print piece and search for your community online to call and convert). Understanding this KPI can open opportunities to improve this process and narrow the conversion gap.

4. Traffic Quality: How much of your traffic is the “right” traffic? Ultimately, your community’s success is tied to acquiring the residents who are the best fit for your community’s services. Google is placing increased emphasis on the quality of traffic visiting websites, in an effort to provide a better experience for users. There are many signals that impact ranking and traffic. Search Engine Land details the top components HERE.

Is Your Senior Living Community a Digital Marketing Beginner or a Seasoned Expert?

Depending on where your community falls on the digital marketing maturity curve, the KPI’s recommended today could have sounded like gibberish, old hat, or somewhere in between. Regardless, there will still be insights to be gained by attending Phil Smith and Kurt Krejny’s round table discussions at SMASH 2017.

Phil will discuss the complexities currently facing senior living, in addition to helping communities determine where they fall on the maturity curve. Kurt will take an even deeper dive into analytics with his round table discussion at SMASH. He will share learning plans and checklists to help marketing teams track and understand the progress they’re making toward census goals.

Learn more about Linkmedia 360’s Roundtable participation, or register for SMASH 2017 today.
Of course, if your team still has questions, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. We’re hoping you join us in making a splash at SMASH!

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